No Rampage in Parkomata 2019 in Van

Vanda Parkomata 2019
Vanda Parkomata 2019

Van Metropolitan Municipality will not raise the hike in parkomata 2019. On the 8 main street in the city center, the parkomata was added to the 3 street and the 1 street.

The application of the parkomat, launched in October 2017, has been successfully completed by the Metropolitan Municipality to relieve the city traffic. Important decisions were made at the last meeting of the Center for Transport and Coordination (UKOME), which both satisfied the city's tradesmen and the citizens.

Ülker Cem Kaplan, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality who gave information about the decisions taken, gave the good news that the parkomata 2017, which has been the same price tariff since 2019, will not raise.

8 main street also applied to the parkomata also 3 street and 1 street more added to the Deputy Secretary General Kaplan said:

Sokak The parkomata that we implemented in the area of ​​922 vehicles, including the two April Street, Milli Egemenlik Street, İrfan Baştuğ Street and Uzun Sokak, were created and a space was created for a thousand 640 vehicles. In addition, the UKOME Board Decision was taken to include İskele Street in the application area if needed. We started our application on Milli Egemenlik Street, İrfan Baştuğ Street and Uzun Sokak, which we decided to take. The application will begin after the signage and line works made on April 2nd Street. Since this street is mainly a café restaurant, the parkomat application hours will be between 08.00 and 24.00 hours, unlike other areas. On the other streets and in the streets during the summer between the 08.30 and 20.00 hours applied to the parkomat winter timetable 08.00 is applied between the hours of 18.00. Apart from these hours, our citizens can park their vehicles for free. Bu

On the other hand, with the decision of the UKOME Board taken in 2017, the parkomat charges were as follows;

X 0-15 minutes 1,50 TL, 0-30 minutes 2,00 TL, 0-45 minutes 3,00 TL, 0-60 minutes 4,00 TL, 1-2 hours 5,00 TL, 2-3 hours 8,00 TL, 3-4 hours 10,00-4 5 TL for 15,00 and 5 for car parks.

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