Sabiha Gokcen Metro 29 opens at October 2019!

sabiha gokcen metro 29 planting in 2019
sabiha gokcen metro 29 planting in 2019

While the AK Party's candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has not been announced yet, the tradition of continuing with the names of the district municipalities, which have not been adopted by the three-term rule, but also with the successful projects of the people, continues.

Pendik Mayor Kenan Şahin, who has made a name for himself with his achievements in Istanbul, said ında Ask the Mayor N and 10 explained what he will do in the coming 5 year in the light of his experience. Sahin also gave a good news! It was the first time that Istanbulites had been waiting for the curiosity of Sabiha Gökçen.

President Şahin, ş (Tavşantepe-Sabiha Gökçen subway) Our metroma has been put into service in Pendik. Pendik-Tavşantepe-Yeşilbağlar station in the Kadikoy-Pendik line has very high demand for three stations. We extend these stations. Currently the last 1 year in Tavşantepe-Sabiha Gökçen line. The countdown has begun.

We don't expect very significant hitch. 29 October In 2019 I hope that Sabiha Gökçen will be provided with uninterrupted access to Kadıköy.

But it is actually the old suburb which would provide a very important opportunity in the main transport. I hope our Marmaray will be launched in December without entering 2019. We're counting days for this. That line will make you feel better. IETT with very serious preparation. Because, in fact, with IETT, our goal is not long lines but short lines. We put free lines at the moment so that we can reach our people in the subway.

In fact, this is still not enough, we have the Tavşantepe-Tuzla line planned by our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The process will be completed in 3, 3.5 year. Our people have a great reputation for urban legends. That's the line's route changed. None of these are valid. Already on line routes so we can not determine the time of the morning. For him, our citizens should be good quality. Onun

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Tsar 06

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