Minister Turhan, Istanbul New Airport Construction Visited

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said, Havalimanı 35 landing at the hourly runway capacity at Atatürk Airport, 35 departure. When the Phase 1 is activated at the Istanbul New Airport, the 40 landing 40 will take off every hour. 16 3 will be activated after the opening 60 months. With the full independent runway, the hourly capacity 60 landing, the 2 will take off. After completion of the first stage, XNUMX. the stage will begin to be done.

Minister Turhan, Istanbul New Airport construction of the terminal building coordination meetings with officials made.

After the meeting, Turhan made a press statement and stated that Istanbul New Airport would be the biggest in the world with its dimensions and reminded that 81 days were left for the opening of the project.

Turhan reminded that many technical problems were overcome because of regional conditions in the project and that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave all kinds of support from the decision of the project to the realization of the project.

Explaining that they plan to open the first phase of the airport on October 29, 2018 with the wishes of President Erdoğan, Turhan gave the following information about the stage of the project:
“The project achieved 95 percent realization. The investment cost of our project is 10 billion 247 million euros. This project is done by build-operate-transfer method. It will share 22 billion 152 million euros of operating income to our treasury within the operating period, which is financed and built by its investors, without using public resources.

As you know, this project was used as a mining site and it consisted of many mining pits and ponds. 75 million square meters of land have been improved and we have created such a beautiful service within the scope of this project. This area is the size of the 15 bin soccer field. Bu

Turhan said that the airport will provide direct and indirect employment opportunities to a thousand people, and added that more than 225 million people will benefit from the added value.

Turhan said that there were about 3 thousand employees in the construction phase, including the 200 bin 32 and white collar. The new airport will be one of the largest hubs. The new Airport 300 consists of an independent runway and an 250 football field. 50 aircraft will be able to dock at the same time, 6 will serve the bridge aircraft. N

The terminal has an 7 entrance gate, Turhan said, and that the trade will also gain power in the Istanbul New Airport by shifting to the Asia-Pacific region.

240 1 football field size of the area that will provide the cargo service in the 400 thousand square meters of the size of the expressing Turhan, the airport's annual cargo capacity will be 5,5 million tons, expressing, "the first year of the opening year 1 more than one million tons of cargo operation." He said.
Turhan said:
UM 29 2018 on October 1; 1 million 400 consists of the main terminal building of 1000 square meters, 2 runway, air traffic control center and support buildings. The air traffic control tower 5 is a thousand square meters area and 90 meters high. Annual passenger capacity 29 1 million passengers / year in Phase 90 that we will open in October. When all phases are completed, the 200 will be able to increase to one million passengers per year.

The number of passenger boarding bridges is also 143 pieces. It has been announced that Istanbul New Airport will be opened on 29 October 2018 to the world aviation authorities and centers. After the opening, the code of Istanbul New Airport was determined as IST. Açılış

Noting the capacity difference between Atatürk Airport and İstanbul New Airport, Turhan said:
Kalkış 35 landing at the hourly runway capacity at Atatürk Airport, 35 landing at 1 landing at 40 departures at 40 departure at Istanbul New Airport. 16 3 will be activated after the opening 60 months. With the full independent runway, the hourly capacity 60 landing, the 2 will take off. After completion of the first stage, XNUMX. stage

80 when the number of passengers per year reaches 3 million. when 110 reaches million, 4. We will start the construction of the stage. Super jumbo, such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8, will be able to approach our new terminal easily. Airlines are not operating flights to Turkey will do no more. The 30 thousand-hour luggage storage system will provide 42 thousand-hour luggage storage. X

Turhan stated that the installation and calibration tests of the provided navigation systems and devices will be completed by 15 until August.

After the launch of the airport in October, 29 said that ticket booths, baggage systems, security and other human resources that would be able to serve 90 million passengers would be provided.
Un To ensure the comfort of our guests and to ensure that they do not encounter any problems, all works are carried out carefully. The works to be carried out about the transportation process of Atatürk Airport to the new airport are as follows; As of September 2016, 13 has been commissioned with different commissions and the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) under the coordination of the Directorate General of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) with the aim of ensuring the timely and seamless transportation of the stakeholders established at Atatürk Airport to the Istanbul New Airport.
More than 65 meetings were held so far. 30 October 2018 will start at 03: 00 on Tuesday. 31 October 2018 will be completed on Wednesday at 23: 59 and will take a total of 45 hours. X

In the transportation of the airport, the Greenway-Mahmutbey-Odayeri Motorway route will be used. Turhan said that the total 14 bin 139 equipment will be transported in the 3 section.
Turhan gave the following information:
UM First of all, the airlines that are not in the airport of Atatürk Airport and the ground handling services of the ground handling facilities will be moved to the Istanbul New Airport campus and will take place between 30 October 2018 and 31 October 2018 23.59. In the first phase, the airports, which are the base of Atatürk Airport other than Turkish Airlines (THY) and the ground handling services that serve them, will stop their operations and move to Istanbul New Airport. This time will start at 30 October 2018 time 19, 31 October 2018 time will be completed at 18.59.

In the second stage, all operations will be stopped at the Atatürk Airport and the operations will be carried out at Istanbul New Airport for the transportation of THY and TGS ground handling services. This will be carried out between 12 31 2018 02.00 and 13.59 hours. X

Turhan said that a total of 35 flights will be made at the same time as 35 departures from 70 landing at the new airport of Ataturk Airport and Istanbul New Airport will be made at the new airport.


Cahit Turhan, completed some of the projects developed for passenger transportation to the airport, some of the work is continuing, he said. Stating that the Gayrettepe-New Airport Metro Line will consist of an 5 stop, Turhan said that the project continues to work on this project.

Turhan, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project will be connected to the new airport.
Turhan continued:
Hatt The high speed train line that will pass the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will also have a station at Istanbul New Airport. It will be possible to reach the new airport from the Asian side with the Great Istanbul Tunnel Project with the 3 storey. Other subway connections are also being projected. We are planning to finish the metro between Gayrettepe and Yeni Airport at the end of 2019. Again HalkalıOur new airport project consists of 27 kilometers and 6 stations. We plan to launch this at the end of 2020. Bunu

Approximately about 250 thousand passengers a day at the new airport is expected to explain the Turhan, in this context, the Havatas air service arrangements will continue, he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will carry out a tender for luxury transit vehicles with 124 baggage, Turhan said, with these vehicles, 19 plans to provide services from a separate route, he said.

Turhan said that they are planning to carry the 75 thousand passengers to Istanbul New Airport with these baggage vehicles. Tur The necessary agreements are made with the commercial taxi company and the taxi cooperative with the 660 pieces taxi will start to serve here. If this is not enough, it will gradually go up to 800 and a thousand taxis and this number will be increased if necessary. According to the statistics studies, 40 of the passenger movements at Atatürk Airport is reached by private vehicles today. HAVATAŞ, HAVAŞ service arrangements are also continuing. The 36 IETT bus will be available for traveling without luggage. In this way, the 15 thousand passengers will be able to move to the airport in the day.

Turhan said that the new airport will be used annually to save the water consumed by 19 thousand households and 5 thousand 500 households.
Ecek In this way, Istanbul New Airport will save 33 million 200 thousand pounds per year. The terminal was designed to use rainwater for recycling needs. This means that the 1,5 will save a million cubic meters of water a year and save a year of water equivalent to the 5 thousand 500 households.

As a result of energy efficiency studies, it is foreseen that the energy consumption of 19 thousand households in one year and the equivalent of 30 thousand 700 tons of carbon dioxide emission equivalent per year will be achieved. Enerji

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