Visit to ESHOT from Kocaoğlu in Sabah, 5.30

visit to the morning xNUMX 5da eshot
visit to the morning xNUMX 5da eshot

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu went to the garage of ESHOT in Gediz early in the morning and served breakfast with his line drivers. Mayor Kocaoglu celebrated the new year of the staff, “15 year walk with you. Thank you for your work. Emek

ESHOT drivers, which constitute the main backbone of public transportation in Izmir, started the day with Aziz Kocaoglu. In the morning, at the 05.30, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor went to ESHOT's Gediz Garage in Buca, with seven drivers prepared for the expedition; chatted. Kocaoglu said in a speech to them,, 15 year we walked the path together. We've had troubles. But we have always worked with the same sincerity and in good faith for Izmir, Izmir and our municipality. We flipped for service. I would like to thank all of you separately. Hep

Underlining that the country expects economic hardship in 2019, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, t We all have to work hard and save. He will make the sacrifice that loves his country, his state and his nation. I tell my kids the same thing. Because we have to protect our future. Consuming more than we produce, we spend more than we win is our frustration. Because the crisis is at the door Çünkü.

We did it with you.
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said:
Var There is a heavy burden on the crisis. We slept in the evening, the dollar 2 TL. Then 4 climbed up to TL. This table has affected everyone from top to bottom, it will affect even more. All of us will lose income. So don't borrow as much money as possible and get into that helix. 7 of the country 15 debt of $ 1 billion years ago, the 45 billion dollars today. This will also exceed our national income. The day is the day of sacrifice. Gün

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu reminded that 15 is not a candidate at the end of the yearly mission. Whatever we have accomplished, we have succeeded with you, with the people of Izmir. I wish you all a year without peace, without a war, without a war, without peace Hep.

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