Two More Car Ferry Coming to Izmir in 2020

In 2020, two more cars come in the ferry
In 2020, two more cars come in the ferry

Two companies submitted bids for the tender for two new ferries planned to be added to the fleet of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. After the evaluation process, the winning company will be determined and the first of the ships will be received within 420 days from the contract date.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has the biggest investment in maritime transportation in the history of the city by taking the last technology product 15 passenger ship and 3 car, adds two more ships to its fleet. Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay ferry to the ferry to the target of the Metropolitan Municipality, the purchase of the tender was realized. In the tender attended by the company 4, Çeliktrans and Çeksan companies submitted a bid and the other two presented a letter of thanks.
At the beginning of the evaluation process of the proposals submitted, it was announced that the first ferry will be delivered on 420 days and the second will be delivered within 600 days after the tender process is completed and the contract is signed. Starting from 2020 with the new ships to enter the service of the people of Izmir, the frequency of voyages and the number of vehicles carried will increase.

Latest technology and high security
New ferries designed to be at least 55 meters long and 15 meters wide, will have a minimum of 51 vehicles, 10 bikes, 10 motorcycles and at least 300 passengers in the covered area. The cruising speed of ferries to be equipped with high maneuverable propeller systems will be 12 knots per hour. The large windows in the covered passenger lounge will offer passengers a panoramic view of the bay. TV broadcasting, wireless internet, cold-hot drinks and ready-to-serve foodstuffs for sale, independent pet cages, baby care table, female-handicapped toilets, warning signs for the visually impaired, written in Braille special parking spaces for vehicles and 2 handicapped elevator, air-conditioning system in the indoor passenger lounge, playground for children will be found.

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