10 Million Euro Signalization to Bursaray

10 million euro signaling to scholarship
10 million euro signaling to scholarship

The most important problem of Bursa is transportation. The results of the surveys or the citizens or local city administrators to whom the journalists handed the microphone always point to the same problem.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş announced that the Transportation Master Plan, which has been going on for a long time, will come into force in January.

The rail systems section of the plan, which is created in the short, medium and long term, is examined at the Ministry of Transportation's General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments for approval. Rail systems will be planned in line with the approval here and the next decision.

Bursaray Light Rail System constitutes the main body of Bursa transportation. One of the most important problems of the line, which extends from Uludağ University to Kestel and from Acemler to Emek, is that the signaling system does not work properly as it is built in sections. Especially after the Arabayatağı-Kestel line was activated, the intervals of the flight were extended due to the problems of the system, and occasional disruptions occurred due to the malfunctions that occurred.

The work initiated to solve this problem has finally ended. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality received quotations from German and Chinese companies. As a result of the examination, the signaling work was given to the German BBR company, which offers the most suitable project, for a price of 9,5 million Euros. In addition, 450 thousand pounds investment in scissor renewal tender has been added to this study.

With the signaling system to be renewed, the trip interval, which is three and a half minutes, will be reduced to two, while the number of trips with 10 cars in 3 minutes will increase to 10 cars in 5 minutes. In addition, thanks to the arrangement, the waiting time at Bursaspor Station in Acemler will be shorter for going to the Emek line.

The first phase of the signaling project will be completed in September 2020, and the second phase in September 2021. The reason for the spread of the work over two years is that the work was done after midnight when the flights ended… Namık GÖZ – Bursa Hakimiyet

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