The decision of the court to be given eyes in İZBAN

court decision
court decision

Two weeks left behind in the İZBAN strike in the court's decision to break the strike. If the court decides what kind of workers will continue to give up their strikes, Kocaoğlu'nun reacting to the crisis by giving an excuse not give more. Kocaoğlu'nun, the party said that the CHP is conducting adverse policies, the crisis of the crisis demanded that those who create the crisis.

Izmir's public transportation network, the most important transportation network in Izmir Suburban Network (İZBAN) continues to strike. 40 workers who work as mechanic, technician, technician, station operator, box-office worker at the 136 station and the 343 kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk entered the 15 day. The small number of expeditions carried out by İZBAN management with the subcontracted mechanics continues.

The court will make a critical decision for the strike tomorrow. Workers are members of the Demiryol-Is Union stated that the İZBAN administration made a striking break, and asked the labor court to take an injunction. Following the hearing held last Thursday, the court held a discovery hearing at the General Directorate of İZBAN together with the expert committee. Expert committee will present the report tomorrow and the hour will be decided at the hearing at 14.00.

The trade union, the main task of subcontracting the labor law, the labor law, the contract workers to work under the union and collective agreements, stating that the law is requested by stopping said. In the event that the court decides that İZBAN is acting against the law, it will be morale for the workers and there will be no alternative other than sitting on the table.


Ahmet Güler, the Chief Officer of the Workplace, stated that they would not give up the struggle in case of a negative decision, in The other institutions of the municipalities are doing their best to reduce the impact of this strike, by putting new buses and dolmus lines. It is an important decision for us, but if you run all the trains illegally on the next day, they will not stop us from our strike, they will not break. We no longer want to sell our labor to these wages. They are currently using trains to train in the lines. They're putting maintenance in the warehouse. Probably in a month they'll all need maintenance, they won't find a train to work. Then we will see what they will do together. O


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'nun striking the strike of the workers as a desire to create a perception that the workers are trying to create a perception, such as Güler said:

Or Know that this strike is applied by the workers' own decision and the union is behind this strike. We were aware that we would not receive a salary in the process. We decided to vote on strike. The 343 of the 320 worker did not accept the offer. Kocaoglu is trying to create a façade. It makes a decision to strike as if it were an opposition movement to its own party. No such thing. Many of our friends voted him. He should not make any explanations to blame the union. Send


Güler, who called on Kocaoglu, said, UM We have the biggest challenge here because 14 cannot take bread to our house for days. The people of Izmir with us are also victims. Those who create this grievance must take steps to end. Let's talk about what we paid for the Alsancak Railway Station, the offer it gave, the salaries given to other companies. Ultimately, it makes us sad to have this way, we want to serve. This workplace is not Aziz Kocaoglu's business. Kocaoglu today there is no tomorrow. We'il work here for years. The biggest share among those who bring İZBAN to today is workers. If we want more than we do the same business with us, we will complete this collective agreement tomorrow. Biz


Referring to Kocaoğlu's economic crisis, Güler said, is As a result, he is a member of the main opposition party. Therefore, the crisis should take the least part of the working section of the labor sector should give the rationale for the crisis. So he's up against his party. After all, we're not the boss here. The employees who are under their responsibility should do their best not to be affected by this crisis, but it excuses the crisis. The people who have an excuse for the crisis should have power. We don't need to make an excuse because we didn't create this crisis. Whoever did did ask them to account. Do not take the bill out of us. Fat (Universal)

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