İZBAN's First 6 Daily Loss Has Been Passed by Hike

the first 6 daily damage of the desired gum
the first 6 daily damage of the desired gum

İZBAN bureaucrats, who do not accept their workers' collective bargaining demands, harm the institution. The first 6-day damage of İZBAN coincided with the workers' one-year demands, while the strike entered its 15th day. The strike continues in İzmir Suburban Network (İZBAN), which is the most important transportation network in İzmir. 40 workers who work as machinists, technicians, technicians, station operators and box office workers have been on strike for 136 days in İZBAN, which serves on 343 stations and 12 kilometers line between Aliağa and Selçuk. While Railways - İş Union wanted a 34 percent hike with all the benefits, the bureaucrats of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's joint organization İZBAN offered an average of 19 percent hike. Workers with a 2010 entry raise the price up to 12 percent, while around 25 percent for recent workers. The union's hike rate also includes a gradual increase from 85 days to 112 days, driving and shift compensations, which will enter into the contract for the first time, and an increase in other social benefits.


Although the Greeks were the victims of Izmir, there was no request for a new meeting from İZBAN. The fact that IZBAN bureaucrats ignore the demands of the workers is also increasing the damage day by day. The trainings carried out by the 7 subcontractor in the trainers are limited. 269 number of times dropped to 48. 300 is thousands of passengers, while 50 is thousands. In the 15 daily strike process, no meeting request was received from İZBAN management.


In the event that the demands of the union are realized, the gross cost of IZBAN is 1 772 thousand 893 TL, while the gross cost of IZBAN is 1 million 579 thousand 350 TL. These figures include social benefits as well as minimum subsistence reductions, family and child benefits, road and food. If the demands of the union are accepted, the monthly gross difference is 193 bin 543 TL. The annual cost is 2 million 322 thousand 516 TL. According to the information given by the union, the daily loss of IZBAN is around 400 thousand TL. The six-day loss of IZBAN is equivalent to one-year additional cost of the union. IZBAN's damage to the TL 5 approached.


Speaking to Evrensel, Huseyin Ervuz, President of the Railroad - Business Branch, said that they had to continue the strike. Izmir in recent days Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu the late 'union strike just doing in Izmir and other cities they took me more time rates from me, "he explains evaluating Ervüz" strike first we had 1995 days to strike in the State Railways in Turkey in 23. Yes, we did the second and third in Izmir. Let Kocaoğlu talk about the money he gave first. Because there is a difference of about a thousand TL between Kocaoğlu's money and the place I signed at the nearest contract. ”

Ervüz, who gave examples from the contracts concluded in Istanbul and Bursa, said: veren We have also signed a contract with State Railways. The lowest contract was made in Izmir. Technician Izmir IZBAN net income in all incentives 2 bin 714 TL. In Istanbul, this 3 thousand 650 TL, Bursa BURULAŞ 3 bin 829 TL. The technical staff working in TCDD is the net wax 4 bin 143 TL. If the technician working in İZBAN accepts the 22 that the employer has offered, the 2 bin 714 would be worth the TL or I didn't even get this figure. That's the least money that Bigger. We're going to strike to get the gains at the other place here. Diğer (Universal)



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