Kayseri Center for Aviation and Space

center of aerospace and space
center of aerospace and space

Kayseri Science Center, which was brought together with TÜBİTAK by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, continues to be the center of attention in Kayseri and its region with its exhibition areas that make life easier for us to understand. In the coming days, the 30 exhibition will be opened in three different areas. Mayor Mustafa Çelik visited the Science Center and followed the preparations for the new exhibition areas.

Another new pavilion in 3 is being established in Kayseri Science Center in health, aerospace and space. These pavilions will feature 30 different scientific exhibitions. Mayor Mustafa Çelik visited Kayseri Science Center and made investigations in new pavilions. President Steel, Science Center, the children who visited the Science Center in the exhibition area of ​​interest to the children became a partner.

Metropolitan Mayor Çelik also received information about the 30 exhibition organization in the area of ​​health, aviation and space. Health Center in the Science Center will be opened in the coming days; operating principles of the devices used in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and their use will be made available to visitors in an interactive manner. The health pavilion includes different imaging devices from imaging systems such as x-ray, MRI and tomography to robotic technology and surgery.

The Space Pavilion, prepared for the visitors of the Science Center, has interactive scientific exhibition products related to the works done in space. In the exhibition area; such as hydrogen rocket, air rifle, 5 different rocket assembly, moon walk where moonlight can be experienced, exhibition materials such as special materials to display materials used in space studies.

In the coming days, such as Health and Space Pavilion, Aviation Pavilion will be opened to visitors. Aviation Pavilion; Boeing 737 airplane flight simulation, Boeing 737 landing gear operating principles, and the work on the aviation field will include exhibition products such as the future technologies.



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