Paper Airplanes Racing 1. The Drone Won

The drone won the drone 1 the drone
The drone won the drone 1 the drone

A paper plane competition was organized in the SEKA Paper Museum of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Culture and Social Affairs. The event took place in the context of International Civil Aviation Day. Anıl Ekim won 48.22 in total. Smart Interactive HD Camera Drone for October was a gift.

SEKA Paper Museum has added a new one to its activities on special days. The event was organized by the Kocaeli University Aviation Club and the event was organized for the International Civil Aviation Day. Participants in the paper-machine hall exhibited their skills in paper plane construction and flying. The contestants first tried to make the best plane in the parts allocated to them in the field of paper plane construction. Contestants who made their first attempts in these areas with their paper planes made intense efforts for the plane model that will give them the competition. The participants who were ready for the competition tried to make the best shots by taking their places in the competition course.

A total of 100 rounds were won by the 2 competitor and Anıl Ekim won the 48.22. Mehmet Ali Okuş came second with a total shooting distance of 47.22, and Medeni Yalçın by 45.07 finished third. The winner of the competition was the owner of the Smart Interactive HD Camera Drone, the second was a remote-controlled helicopter and the third was the winner of the Solotürk Model Set Aircraft. Other contestants who completed the competition in the first 10 were awarded with different prizes. In addition to the contestants, other family members who came to support them also participated in the event.

SEKA Paper Museum has collected all the paper used during the competition for the reuse in the Handmade Paper Workshop. In this way, participants were also informed about recycling.



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