Everything From Buses to Ankara Pharmacies in Ankara


📩 12/11/2018 11:16

The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara integrates all the opportunities of technology within the scope of the Smart City Management System.

Metropolitan Municipality closely following technological developments; From PARDUS to Intelligent Parks, from E-Municipality to Durak Ankara, we have made many innovations and now we are meeting with the Capitalists through the 'ICP den application, which is installed or downloaded on most smartphones.

Metropolitan Municipality, iler BİP hizmeti with the application of many services available to the feet of the capital city.


Citizens who download the ulaşım BIP sites to their smart phones, providing direct access to the applications of the Metropolitan Municipality website;

- Direct access to the Blue Table,

Ya Call Me Masa, which allows free calls to the Blue Table,

-ASKI interruption and debt inquiry,

- Where's my bus?

- Watching certain parts of Ankara live through cameras.

-To reach the pharmacy with location information, they started to get their opportunities together.


Mayor of Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna continues his sensitivity towards eyi citizen satisfaction l and gives instructions to the units in order to take into account the demands of the Capitalists.

Erdogan Kurtoglu, Head of IT Department at the Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about the gil Metropolitan BiP ini application, stated that President Tuna wanted to give weight to services that facilitate the lives of citizens and to diversify these services, and gave the following information:

An Thanks to the 'BIP' application available on smartphones, our citizens can now access the most used municipal services with a single keystroke. For example; When you click on the 'Call you' link, you are instantly searched from the Alo 153 Blue Table. With the ASKI link, you can learn about debt questioning and interruption, share your own position and find the nearest pharmacy. You can instantly find out when your bus arrives at the stop by entering the stop number. You can even watch some areas live with cameras. Kam

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