fire drill in istanbul subway
34 Istanbul

Fire Exercise in Istanbul Subway

A special fire drill was carried out by the Istanbul Fire Brigade at Atatürk Auto Industry Metro in order to effectively respond to possible fires that may occur in the subway. Megaşehir Istanbul's most [more…]

ulkemin wounded railways
06 Ankara

My Country's Bleeding Wounds

When transit transportation is made by rail over our country, 3 thousand 545 kilometers shorter rail will be covered. Unfortunately, we could not use this advantage for years. 70 in Europe-Asia transport [more…]

gaziantepte 30 sheep used wrist renewed path
27 Gaziantep

30 Village Used in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Şehitkâmil and Nizip district intersection Bilek-Kamisli road renewed. The new version of the 30 kilometer-long road used by the 55 village was welcomed by citizens. Province [more…]

Canalioglu questioned rail system
61 Trabzon

Canalioğlu Questioned the Rail System

Volkan Canalioğlu of CHP, who received the BEST Party for Trabzon candidate for Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, announced that he has not yet made a decision. Gratefully for the candidacy of the GOOD Party to Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality [more…]