ido ships are online
34 Istanbul

IDO Ships Online

İDO A.Ş.'s (Istanbul Sea Buses) suspension of domestic flights on the grounds that they were making losses created a cold shower effect. According to the news of Çiğdem TOKER from SÖZCÜ, the incident took place in public transportation at sea. [more…]

Istanbul airport parking fees have been announced
34 Istanbul

Car Park Fees at Istanbul Airport

It was announced that the parking lots at Istanbul Airport, which officially came into service on October 29, would be free for the first two months. It was also announced who would not be charged. Disabled people and [more…]

breakage construction at manavgat mill
07 Antalya

Bridge Construction Rises in Manavgat Değirmenli

The bridge construction in Değirmenli neighborhood, which connects 3 neighborhoods in Manavgat, initiated by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, has started to rise. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department provides comfortable services in rural areas. [more…]

55 Samsun

Countdown at Gülsan

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin met with the members of Samsun Modern Small Industrial Site Building Cooperative. Mayor Zihni Şahin is in favor of moving Gülsan Industrial Site [more…]