The leader of the public transport in Turkey Izmir

The leader of public transportation in Turkey Izmir different transportation alternatives, applied for 90 minutes Indirect systems and full integration Izmir, however, the urban public transport is the most attractive among the town was settled in the first place. In the evaluation made between three major cities, İzmir outperformed Istanbul and Ankara in terms of public transport and per person rail system.

With its 130 km long rail system line, renewed gulf ships and modern bus fleet, İzmir ranks first among the cities where public transportation is used most frequently, passing Istanbul and Ankara. Thanks to the 90-minute transfer system, Izmir residents, who can travel unlimited with a single ticket, benefit from the integration between the subway, suburban, bus and sea transportation and obtain economic travel opportunities.

Travel rates per person
According to the index created by dividing the number of daily travels made by public transport to the population of the city, the people of Izmir use the most public transportation among the three big cities. While the rate of public transport trip per person in Izmir was 0,58, this figure was 0,47 in Ankara and 0,42 in Istanbul.




    1. Such news, the privilege of being in this exceptional city, as a person living in the pleasure of both proud of, as well as glad, very pleased. I would like to congratulate Mr. Aziz KOCAOĞLUU and all the VİZYONER İZMİR CITY MANAGERS who have contributed. We can't thank them enough. We must be aware that we are truly and all our hearts with our sincere sincerity!
      So, when you want to; required information, manners, experience ince WHEN I got it!
      In spite of all the dissenting shouts that are unique to our country's song, to the unwarranted and inadequate critics instead of critical, despite the insan mud horse trail if type behaviors Hem
      More, many other cities to be exemplary visionary projects !!!
      NOTE: Of course, this justified praise does not mean that some inadequate and inaccurate practices in the middle will be ignored. For example: The biggest mistake that has been forgotten or deliberately created in Izmir's entire Rail-Transport-System is the lack of Sistem WC / Toilet kast in the stations! The urgent removal of this deficiency is G REQUIRED İN!