67 Zonguldak

Zonguldak-Karabük Train on the ferry of fish

The intensity of the Zonguldak - Filyos -Karabük train services turns into an ordeal. Citizens who travel with loads of fish on the Filyos-Zonguldak flights, especially in the morning hours, describe their ordeal-filled journey as reported by Halkinsesi newspaper. [more…]

58 Sivas

Statement by TCDD to Train Crash in Sivas

According to TCDD General Directorate, the train accident in Sivas occurred as a result of the collision of the service train with the Divriği-Sivas regional express passenger train at the entrance of the station during the maneuver of the service train at Bostankaya Station. [more…]

saruhanlida ends in fearful spirit
45 Manisa

Fearful Dream Ends in Saruhanli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and expansion work on the sharp bends on the route between Hatıplar and Şatırlar Districts of Saruhanlı district. Carrying out on the existing road where accidents occur frequently [more…]

61 Trabzon

Asphalt Record from Trabzon Metropolitan

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the 2018 asphalt season with the aim of laying 350-400 thousand tons of asphalt on the neighborhood roads, will produce it in its own facilities and put it on the neighborhood roads this year. [more…]

trainers on railroad tracks ok
Intercity Railways

Winter Preparations in Railways

In Turkey, 67 thousand 898 kilometers of road network Highways General Directorate for Combating Center opened Karla is being followed by cameras 7 hours a day 24 days a snapshot and information systems. [more…]