Iftar Dishes from EGO Cuisine

iftar meals ego mutfagindan
iftar meals ego mutfagindan

EGO dining hall with food menu prepared under hygienic conditions, opening the fast-food, thanks to President Yavaş

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work social and people-oriented this year, the 9 separate points established in the iftar tents of the capital city is showing great interest.

In the month of Ramadan, the iftar tents, which were established in order to consolidate the culture of solidarity and sharing in the society and to open the iftar for the citizens who did not have the possibility, were overfilled since the first day.


The dishes cooked under hygienic conditions in the Metropolitan Municipality EGO Cuisine are delivered to the iftar tents established at the 9 separate point of the Capital.

The people of Başkent who opened their fast in a peaceful and safe environment in their iftar tents open to everyone from 7 to 70, sohbetHe also spends pleasant evenings with his.


Büyükşehir municipality's iftar tents are as much as disabled citizens, elderly, students and the capitalists who cannot reach their homes.

Yenimahalle Demetevler Pakize Aydın, who came to the Iftar Tent, said, et It was very good for us. I'm coming home from work, I'm gonna open up my fast. God bless um, while the student in Ankara, Aydın Yıldırım said, ad I'm going to open my fast in the iftar tent that was built for my only life. Very nice service. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Büyük.


Sites: Segmenler Kent Meydani - Opposite the Siteler Fire Department, Ulubey Mahallesi, Selcuk Caddesi

Sincan: Atatürk Mahallesi, Vatan Street and Peçenek Street intersection

Mamak: Akdere-Sehit Ayhan Babadag Street, Oguzkaan Primary School

Mamak: Kusunlar TOKİ Residences-Zirvekent

Mamak: Hüseyingazi Ekin Quarter, Bostancık Street, Rauf Denktaş Park

Altındağ: Karacaören TOKİ Blocks-Shopping Center Park

Altındağ: Hasköy-Solfasol Hacıbayram Veli Street

Foundation: Hürriyet District, Kardelen Street-Village Office

Yenimahalle: Demetevler Market Place-Demetevler 360 Street



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