sanliurfa last year in 4 jumped over year cag
63 Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa Latest 4 Year Jumps in Transportation

Realizing exemplary practices in the field of public transportation in Şanlıurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality is one of the largest transportation networks in Turkey with the number of buses increased to 4 in the last 314 years and services to 49 different routes. [more…]

Eskisehirspor met with tulomsas employees
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehirspor met with Tülomsaş employees

Eskişehirspor team, who was invited by Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avcı, came together with the workers at lunch. Secretary General Hasan Tuç, Eskişehirsporun mentioned the difficult situation, thanks to the players who do not have licenses [more…]