”City Rail System ş to Nevşehir

nevsehire city rail system sart
nevsehire city rail system sart

Traffic Safety in Nevşehir - With the title içi 6 Nev, we share the topic içi Urban Rail System Nev for you. Here is that post;

Nevşehir Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School - TÜBİTAK Research Project
Nevşehir has geographically located north to southwest. There is an 14 km highway route from the junction of the University to the north to the bus terminal in the southwest. Nevşehir, unfortunately, is a city that is a candidate for urban traffic congestion.

Today, transportation has become a problem in many cities depending on the population. One of the solutions is through the new generation of public transportation systems. Nowadays, systems that take the form of a network with metros offers services.

Alternative transportation systems can be a solution to the urban traffic problem of Nevşehir in the near future. One of them is rail system and train option. On the highways where the road is wide, alongside the railway road (between the university junction - Government Mansion junction and Lale Industrial junction - Otogar junction); On the routes where the road is narrow, the rail system (between the Government House junction and the Lale Sanayi intersection) can be constructed by leaving the ray T suret blocks from the middle of the median.

On the relevant route, the urban railway project is already feasibility; According to him, urban planning can be done.

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