Two Awards to Metro Istanbul!

metro istanbula two odul multiple
metro istanbula two odul multiple

Metro Istanbul won the first prize in the "Quality Awards Business Transformation" category with the "Digital Transformation Award of the Year".

As of January 2017, the end-to-end installation of the Enterprise Asset Management System in an integrated architecture consisting of 2 Phases has started and as of January 1, 2018, Financial, Logistics, Human Resources, Document Management, especially Mobile, Offline / Maintenance Management and Project Management, which are within the scope of the 1st Phase. , Business Intelligence Management and Phase I related integrations were put into live use. As of October 1, 2018, SAP Fiori mobile applications, which are within the scope of Phase 2, completing Phase I modules and simplifying and simplifying process management for end users, Budget consolidation, Profitability Management, Quality Management, Scheduling, Supplier Interaction, Accident Management, Project Demand Management, Cloud Additional functions such as Based Training and Performance management are provided to Metro Istanbul. kazanhas been raised.

The main activities of Metro Istanbul are; Within the scope of Business Management, Maintenance Management, Engineering and Consultancy services, all the needs of SAP S4 / HANA infrastructure are integrated with all the integrations needed in all company units without leaving any outside processes on the basis of disciplines and processes. The largest and most comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management System was established.

We thank the valuable project team members, process owners and key users and consultants who have received the best Corporate Transformation award in the 2018 Year SAP quality awards, and have successfully implemented this large-scale transformation project in a short period of time around 21.

SAP Quality Awards Regional Competition

Gold of Turkey awards KazanAlso, as a memento, we also have the right to participate in the regional SAP Quality Awards (all Europe, Middle East and Africa). kazansteep. All Gold in the Metro Istanbul Business Transformation Project area KazanAfter the elections that will start in January 2019, the regional kazanmoments will be determined. The regional competition jury consists of members from different countries with high level experience in IT applications and excellence in IT projects quality management.


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