Kemal Demirel: High Speed ​​Train Should Come to Bursa in 2019

Railway Lovers Association President Kemal Demirel, 2016 2019 year postponed the high-speed train should not be delayed further, he said.
President of Railway Lovers Association and Republican People's Party (CHP) 22 and 23. The period Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman visited.
The railroad planned to be opened in Bursa in 2016 postponed to 2019 and is now evaluating the information will be taken to the austerity package in Demirel said, "January 19, 1997 year in Bursa and arrive fast train towards Turkey traffic terror and I launched a campaign on behalf of the spread. About 21 years have passed. One day I toured every inch of Turkey today. In this sense, I visited 40 provinces and 22 districts. I walked 310 kilometers. Within the framework of this project, I was elected as the first walking deputy in the world. In this sense, I have traveled 88 thousand kilometers. I collected 100 thousands of signatures for the high-speed train to arrive in Bursa. I visited NGOs, lawmakers, ministers and associations. Everyone has supported to regain this train, which existed in the past but was taken from Bursa. I brought in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the agenda, "he said.
Reminding that they received the good news that Bursa people will meet with high-speed train in 2012 with the groundbreaking ceremony in 2016, Demirel said, “We received the promise that a high-speed train will come to Bursa in 2016. However, due to the negativities, it was announced that the train will end in 2019. Now, it is said that the high speed train project has been postponed to a later date than 2019 within the framework of the austerity measures. By revealing unity, solidarity and solidarity among the public again, we rolled up our sleeves to make the train come to Bursa in 2019. I start my first visit from CHP Bursa Provincial Directorate. I will also visit AK Party, MHP and IYI Party. In the following days, I will visit the deputies, the ministers and the Speaker of the Parliament, Binali Yıldırım, who previously served as the ministry of transportation and prime minister. These projects are made, the foundation is laid and ends on the given date. We want the people of Bursa to end this longing in 2019. Bursa is an agricultural and industrial city that creates added value. Bursa gain Turkey will win "he said.



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