No Results in İZBAN Meetings

No Results in İZBAN Meetings
No Results in İZBAN Meetings

The negotiations between the employer and the union were blocked in İZBAN. Workers continue to cut the beard.

The negotiations between the employer and the union in İZBAN, where the 342 worker worked, failed. 15 days have passed since Izmir has not reached an agreement in the collective bargaining agreements between İzmir Suburban Systems (İZBAN) and thousands of people who travel in İzmir every day. While the union demanded a raise of 28, the employer offered a raise of 14. The legal process is currently in progress as the negotiations are blocked. In this process, employees of İZBAN passed the passive resistance. The workers are determined not to cut their beards until the agreement is reached.
Hüseyin Ervüz, the President of the Railway Workers' Union, said, iyi We keep the interview open in order to show our good intentions. The previous day came the mediator report. Now counting days. 58 days, 6 will be able to take a strike decision on the condition to notify in advance, X he said.


Ervüz said that the employer has not received an interview request until now, tal All legal processes have been exceeded. We have achieved a 90 agreement on administrative issues with the employer. However, the 26 clause contained a conflict resolution. 28 percent of the hike we want, the employer is giving a raise on the average 14. Wages increased every six months, but social benefits 2 waited for the year without any increase. We are open to negotiation in order to demonstrate our good intentions. We take the employer's bids to our working members and vote. If we do not agree at the last stage, we plan to implement our strike decision Eğer.

Ervüz said that they continued the 'beard cut' action until the decision of the strike was taken. We have made this decision to save money because of rising inflation and market conditions behind the wages. The razor mills will be angry with us, but the smallest 3 razor is 10 TL. In this way, 30 TL per month. We'll save money. This is a passive resistance, and our members show that they are behind the decision taken by the union with this action that they are fully involved. This is important,. He said.


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