Istanbul New Airport Advertisement Shook Social Media

istanbul new airport advertising shook social media
istanbul new airport advertising shook social media

One week before the opening, İGA launched the İ Victory Monument İstanbul commercial for İstanbul New Airport.

The Istanbul New Airport, where the whole world has been waiting with great curiosity, has less than a week to open. IGA, which undertakes the construction of the airport project and the 25 yearbook, started to be broadcasted on all national TV channels and digital-social media channels as of yesterday evening.

29 The commercial film about the excitement of a security guard, a hostess and an engineer who was proudly prepared to work at Istanbul New Airport in October morning, said, konu When we are together, no one can put boundaries on us, we bring every difficulty, string, obstacles come to us, dreams come true , we reach the great victories ”verses also give place.

In the film; "Turkey's economy strong unique work of Istanbul New Airport, 95 our Republic. The service of the Republic Day and Istanbul New Airport is celebrated together.

He first appeared on IGA's social media channels, followed by national television channels and other online media.

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