Turkey's first domestic LED Display Factory

LEDs display the first domestic factory turkiyenin
LEDs display the first domestic factory turkiyenin

Founded in Amasya Organized Industrial Zone in 2 500 thousand square meters of indoor space Turkey's first domestic LED (Light Emitting Diode) screen factory is producing the brand TAGLIG.

Dijiled Display Technologies Industry Trade Limited Company 2007 now produces LED screens that are imported and sold by TAGLIG brand with% 100 domestic capital. Realized in Amasya and completely started to be produced with the R & D studies of Turkish engineers, the factory will be produced at European standards and LED screens will be exported all over the world.

The company that produces the LED screens of the stadiums and many television channels built recently, continues its production by winning the tender for LED screens of 2 bin 500 square meters for Istanbul New Airport, which is among the largest in the world.

When the factory was first established, 15 produced a thousand modules per month, and by taking advantage of the government incentives, it increased its production capacity to the monthly 65 bin module. Production of target 120 bin modules. The company, which receives orders from countries such as Ireland, Israel, Iran and Russia, is beginning to export this year. (Ilhami Pektas)



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