2023 Million Amateur Seafarers in Target 1

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, Republic of 100. 2023 until the anniversary of the 1 million citizens to specify the maritime culture they want to instill, to be given free of charge amateur maritime basic training program launched said.

Turhan, in his speech at the "Target 2023: One Million Amateur Seafarers Project" presentation ceremony, said that the importance of the seas in terms of the world and humanity is too much to be expressed in words.

Emphasizing that Turkey's future maritime Turhan, "we must turn our faces to the sea literally." said.

Turhan pointed out that the countries that have been on the coast throughout history have always been more advantageous and said, “As a country, we have the biggest geographic sea potential in the world. With this potential, we must be one of the key countries in the world maritime transportation as well as having natural riches from the sea. Our three sides are surrounded by the sea, but it is clear that this situation alone will not benefit anyone. ” he spoke.

Explaining that the share of seaway in the world transportation is 84 percent, Turhan said, “Carrying a product by sea is 3 times more economical than rail, 7 times more economical than road and 21 times more economically than airline. In world trade, sea transportation is so decisive. ” used expressions.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's vision for the last 16 years thanks to voicing Turhan is among the world's leading maritime countries, is located on the blacklist of ships prior to 2002, when he said today in the whitelist.

“We turned the face of our people and our industry back to the sea”

Stating that the maritime fleet capacity grew 2008 percent more than the world maritime fleet despite the global crisis in 75, Turhan said that the sea trade fleet, which ranks 2002th in the world in 17, rose to 15th today and became the brand in the 3rd yacht production and became a brand. reminded you had arrived.

Turhan stated that the number of the shipyards, which was 2003 in 37, increased to 78, “We have turned the face of our people and our industry back to the sea. Because there is abundance, abundance and future at sea. The maritime sector has to offer integrity with its human power as well as its physical infrastructure. ” found the assessment.

Turhan, Turkey, after China with 112 thousand seamen trained in second place in this area, he said.

So far, the amateur sailors document the number of Turhan explained that 210 thousand, the Republic of Turkey citizens that there is someone amateur sailors document every 390 people, these data Netherlands in '64 in a, in Italy, 68 in one, a 184 in Germany He stated that he is at the level of person.

“We are launching the basic training program on amateur shipping”

Turhan, said:

“We want to instill the maritime culture to our 100 million citizens until 2023, the 1th anniversary of our republic, to issue an amateur seafarer certificate after the maritime training to be given, and to reach the country target. Today, we are launching the basic training program on amateur maritime to turn our people's faces into the seas and make them see beyond the horizon. As an alternative to the training program provided electronically for participating in the amateur seafarer exam, we have implemented an arrangement in which the theoretical and practical training programs will be considered valid at the port offices and ministry central organization. In this context, an amateur seafarer's guide containing training topics has been prepared and will be distributed free of charge to our citizens who apply for training. Applications will be held at the central organization of our ministry with 71 port presidencies throughout Turkey, and on Saturday and Sunday, 4 hours of theoretical and practical training will be given free of charge and amateur mariner documents will be given to our successful citizens. Success in exams will be our success as well. ”

Turhan stated that he will be given an amateur sailor certificate after the training and examination to be held for the press members on 2-7 October.


Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:04

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