Minister Varank Introduces Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate Logo

minister introduces varank covid secure production certificate logo
minister introduces varank covid secure production certificate logo

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, together with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), stated that a guideline has been prepared for the measures to be taken in the production facilities, and that the companies that fulfill the measures have started to receive the COVID-19 Safe Production Quality Certificate. Varank said, “The companies that received the certificate have the TSE logo; use it in their products, documents and publications. ” used expressions.

Varank shared TSE's logo designed for the “Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate” with the public for the first time.

Minister Varank attended the Chamber of Commerce Assembly Meeting by teleconference method. Explaining that the Chamber of Maritime Commerce is critical for both the development of the sector and the increase of international competitiveness, Varank stated that 90 percent of world trade and foreign trade of our country are realized through sea transportation. Of world trade, which contracted with the Covidien-19 outbreak, noted that maritime transport also greatly affected Varank, "Turkey, this gives a successful test during the global crisis, then hopefully it will continue to do so." said.


Varank, together with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), noted that a guide has been prepared for the measures to be taken at the production facilities, “We are giving COVID-19 Safe Production Quality Certificate to the companies that fulfill the measures. The companies that have received the certificate have the TSE logo; use in their products, documents and publications. Members of the Chamber of Shipping should also be a part of this process. I invite you to implement the measures in the manual and to register your businesses with the TSE logo. ” he spoke.


To strengthen Turkey's coaster fleet, Varank presidential decree stating that the amendment of the Regulation on Loan Interest Support KOSGEB, "Project 10 to support the first year of the program coaster and we plan to see how it works. We will provide a maximum of 5 million Turkish lira loan financing support for each ship for 3 years. ” spoke in the form.


Stating that KOSGEB will hold the meeting with the banks, Varank said, “Of course, the coaster owners can also meet with the banks. KOSGEB will be put into operation again in order to provide KGF guarantee for the loan you have received for making coaster. We will require the construction of shipyards in Turkey ship. We expect these ships to be in the range of 3 to 12 tons of draft. ” used expressions.


Varank, members who want to benefit from support; He stated that he should convey the tonnage, probable cost, equity amount, loan requirement and requested loan financial support amount to KOSGEB. Varank said that the top 10 coaster projects that put the most equity and demand the least loan interest support will be supported and the project to strengthen the maritime trade fleet will begin.


Pointing out that the shipbuilding sector is one of the sectors that are considered to be a priority in terms of employment and added value, Varank said, “We have encouraged an investment of 22 billion liras in this field and we have created 45 thousand jobs. However; The investment of 3 billion Turkish liras has been realized with our incentives in the fields of shipyard, yacht building and shipowning. ” spoke in the form.


Minister Varank explaining that sea vehicles are one of the strategic sectors in the Technology Oriented Industry Mobility Program and added: “It is possible to get support for your innovative and innovative projects through this program. In the coming months, we will announce new calls in other priority areas, including watercraft. ” said.


Varank said that the "Marine Technologies and Industry Technical Committee" was established in order to increase the competitiveness of the 11th Development Plan and the marine technologies, shipbuilding and sub-industry, "Our Ministry is chaired by the Committee. We want R&D, innovation and branding culture to develop further in the whole sector. Through the technical committee, we will organize point-by-side trainings and encourage companies with potential to establish an R&D center. ” found in the description.


Noting that they will encourage the use of domestic ship equipment by shipyards, Varank said that the first meeting of the Technical Committee was held in February, and the second meeting will be held in the coming months.


Pointing out that electric battery technologies will be used intensively in ship forwarding systems in the coming period, Varank noted that the issue of transforming ships carrying cargo and passengers in domestic waters into electric ships is under the coordination of the Ministry.


Varank, interviewing the companies and stating that field inspections are made, said, “We are working on the lists with the shipyards. We will create a comprehensive report. We will share this report with all stakeholders and sea line municipalities at the end of September. ” said.


Pointing out that the launch of the Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (GIOSB) established in Yalova will play an important role in reducing the foreign dependency of the sector, Varank said, “There is the opportunity to allocate land from 3 thousand 500 square meters to 150 thousand square meters. This region is of strategic importance with the future of the ship side industry and the employment volume of 10 people. ” used expressions.

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