KARDEMİR'dan Employee Purchase Disclosure

Kardemir A.Ş. The Board of Directors has recently issued a press statement regarding the recruitment of personnel criticized by Ak Parti deputy Niyazi Güneş and Republican People's Party Karabük Central District Head Mehmet Durum.

The 637 candidate was subject to a preliminary assessment, which stated that the 589 candidate was called for an invitation to be invited to the interview. Tır 406 was interviewed and the candidates were excluded from the evaluation due to their non-compliance with the general criteria such as 4, non-graduation during interviews and military service. The interview results for the 402 candidate were meticulously consolidated and as a result, the 106, which was found suitable according to the purchasing criteria and technical qualifications, was invited to work for our candidate company. X

Also; Karabük continued to provide the new personnel needed by both the pension and the investments.

Kardemir A.Ş. the entire statement made by Lar In order to provide the personnel we need, together with our ongoing new investments, we have started negotiations with the Provincial Directorate of Karabük İŞKUR. that the interview process will continue to be carried out in a transparent and objective manner by a delegation with a wide participation for a few weeks; we are waiting for the applications of the young people of our city who are graduated, military or exempted and also unemployed after 13 May 2018 date. We tear.

After these explanations, a total of 637 candidates submitted by ISKUR were pre-evaluated, and in the past, Kardemir, 589 candidate, who were found to be eligible after being involved in lawsuits and security check-ups, were invited to be invited.

During these searches conducted by the Human Resources Department of our Company; Due to shortcomings in the contact information of the candidates, not being able to reach the related person due to the wrong information record, not being able to get an answer from the number requested for subsequent times, military service, graduation or death, no invitation could be made to the 171 candidate.

20-21-22-27-28 2018 and 5-6-12 June it planned to interview candidates reached in July 2018 418 date, has not made 12 candidates to interview.

Head of Human Resources Coordinator; Investment Coordinator, Iron and Steel Production Director, rolling mills, Director, Power Plant Manager, Human Resources Manager and the Human Resources Department of Organization and Industrial Relations conducted interviews with candidates total 406 under the supervision committee consisting of the Chief, 4 of these candidates to be graduates case during interviews and non-compliance with general criteria such as military service.

The interview results for the 402 candidate have been meticulously consolidated and as a result, 106 has been invited to work for the candidate company, which is found to be suitable according to the purchasing criteria and technical competencies.

We would like to emphasize that stood on or the attention to the only general principles and criteria in these purchases as our in employment so far Board of Directors has made no initiative on the names and contacts, to be taken by the staff's technical competence and recruitment criteria to comply with our commission officials expressed above a scoring system.

As stated before, Kardemir will continue to provide the new personnel needed by both pension and investment, from Karabük.

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