Dreams of Youth Rises to the Sky at Istanbul New Airport

In the 'Istanbul High School Model Plane Competition' organized by İGA for the third time this year, the model planes designed by high school students floated in the skies of Istanbul New Airport. This year, the plane, which won the first place in the Model Airplane Competition Final held within the scope of Teknofest, brought the grand prize of 6 thousand TL to the team named 'Inital Air'.

IGA, Istanbul Directorate of National Education, Istanbul Technical University and Teknofest in collaboration with Istanbul New Airport, this year the third model of the Model Airplane Contest was the scene of colorful images.

This year "Dreams to Fly" motto with the finals in Turkey over the Model Airplane Contest where young people participate 36 was young cutthroat race. 9 group of students in the Model Airplane Contest, Cengaver, Eagle, Hürkuş 2018, Dacka, Libertatum, Istikbal is in the heavens, Aetos Dios, Initial Air, Hisar was the scene of the struggle of CS teams. The plane designed by the team 'Inital Air' consisting of the students of Private Günhan Educational Institutions, performed the flight missions determined in the competition and was awarded with the gift of the 6.000 TL gift box.

Young people who were taught by ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and who learned how to design a model plane step by step in the 3 weekend trainings, had the opportunity to fly their first planes. Within the scope of Teknofest, thousands of people coming to Istanbul New Airport for the first time watched the final of the contest with interest.

Rector of ITU among the competition jury members. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, ITU Vice Rector Dr. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özkol, Journalist Güntay Şimşek, ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Department Vice Chair of Department Assoc. Hayri Acar, IGA Airport Operations Assistant General Manager Melih Mengü, İGA CTO İsmail Hakkı Polat and IGA Environment and Sustainability Director Ülkü Özeren took part.

IGA Environment and Sustainability Director Ülkü Özeren; . As the third edition of IGA, the Model Airplane Contest final was made this year under Teknofest, making the final more spectacular. On the last day of a festival filled with technology, 1 has been working hard for the last month and the teams who prepared their training and prepared their planes did the final. We are happy to host such an important event before the inauguration of our airport and to be a partner in the dreams of our young people. Seeing the guarantee of our future aircraft design their education after they receive the skies of our young ones how aviation can see that in Turkey expect the successful year. This model, which is an indicator of the determination and effort of our youth on aviation, shows that domestic and national planes that will be designed by these young people are close to the days we will see in the sky. In the near future, we should announce our name to the world with our achievements in the aviation industry and the technologies that our youth produces in the near future. We should all be proud of the fact that airplanes floating in the Istanbul New Airport skies are the result of such bright brains Havalimanı she said.

Students who are awarded

Must Suits Prize
First 'Inital Air'
Private Günhan Educational Institutions
6.000 TL
Second 'İstikbal is in the heavens'
Request Special Acıbadem High School
4.000 TL
Third 'Hurkuş 2018'
Private Ankara Education College Foundation
2.000 TL

About the Note / Final Scores to the Editor

Ratings Up

  • Report score: 100 is evaluated over the score.
  • Flight rating: Normalized over 100 according to the team with the highest rating in flights
  • Jury Score: It is evaluated by the average of the scores given by the jury members during the flights.


  • The time interval between the start and end of the mission flight is maintained for each team. Thus, the flight time (US) of each model aircraft is determined.
  • Teams are given a flight in each order.
  • Each model airplane leaves the load on the 1 units after each round.
  • The target areas for each runway are specific and the target is scored by the Team Target Hit score (HVP-Target I, II, III, IV).

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