Port Preparation from Kardemir

Kardemirden Port Preparation: Karabuk Iron and Steel Enterprises (Kardemir) Inc. General Manager Mesut Ugur Yilmaz, "All of us must fight as soon as possible to implement the Port or Filyos'ta Port or harbor alternative," he said.
KARDEMİR Inc. General Manager Yilmaz, Filyos'a scheduled project to be made due to the objection of the port project and constantly go to the SEE, the cancellation of the tender by stating that the situation, said they should be in search of an alternative port urgently.
With journalists sohbet Yılmaz gave information about the factory's investments. Yılmaz touched upon the importance of the ongoing train wheel and coil factory investments in KARDEMİR Factories for the factory and said, “Our friends about the wheel factory have made observations in Germany and the assemblies of the machines are finished and an incredible equipment is coming. Turkey is not an example of the huge presses. Its building is about to be finished. This is an investment with long-term returns. 10 thousand tons presses and do not have such a facility in Turkey. When tomorrow is over, folks don't get in line and say give it away. An investment for export. We have a more precious Kangal factory investment and it continues. This bit will be Turkey's best coil factory. We will have produced many different products. We will also produce the raw materials of these such as bolts, nuts, wire inside the electrode, rubber wire. We will produce very clean and high value added products. KARDEMİR will make a difference when we start to produce them ”.
Yılmaz also gave information about rail production and said, konusunda We sold 180 thousand tons of rail this year. Port matter is important for rail and in other exported products. We are now producing 72 meter long rails but selling them into this country. We sell Ray to Iran but we have to sell 18 meter length. They come from abroad to add to the list of suppliers from time to time. They demand long rails in Europe. We have no chance of sending one piece from here. However, we will surpass them when there is a port. Bulundu
"We will have a struggle with the port for a few years," said KARDEMİR General Manager Yılmaz, "The area that we all have to struggle with should be to implement the Port or port alternative in Filyos as soon as possible. The most important project, which will carry our course for the future in terms of Kardemir Kardemir in Turkey and is the best place in the world Filyos Port Projse. Unfortunately, the fact that it has not been implemented until today has fallen to a great weakness for KARDEMİR. With this departure, the port of Filyos may not end in 10 years, we have no situation to wait. We need to produce urgent alternatives for this. We do not know how accurate it is to make a port in the mouth of the stream, but it is a place that will be constantly exposed to trauma. The place is available and does not harass anyone. It's too long for us. We need to find an exit immediately. 5 months have passed since I took office there is no progress. Continuous file goes to KIT. In this way, the tender can be canceled and the tender process can be made again. It can be a Build-Operate-Transfer model, there may be other things. We are the only customers that appear now. The facility, integrated with the facilities such as energy investment, may be more meaningful if all thinkers of the port. Currently, Eren Holding's port serves us. We bring coal and ore with 105 ton ships, but it is very costly. We pass the 5 km area with trucks. We couldn't connect the railroad there. a little difficult to do business in Turkey. It is necessary to work in coordination there. If we are coordinated with the Highways and the Railway, we are ready to do everything. It is also the connection road from Filyos to Zonguldak. These permission processes are troubling all around. It could have been a year ago. We must have our own port. In Bartın and Zonguldak, you hardly insert and remove the 10-ton ship. Now the best coal in the world is in Australia, Canada, USA and the long way. We need to resolve the port project as soon as possible. Now we are rotating the mill with transport water. The railway between Karabük and Zongduldak ends the signaling system on August 15 and the trains will accelerate a little more. All of the rails of the railway have been changed and the KARDEMİR rails are followed. It is said to increase 2-3 times the speed. "This speeds up our freight a little," said Buddha.
With the solution of the port problem Yilmaz said that they would increase the exports of many products, especially the railroad. “Iran has been the Iranian 10 thousand 500 kilometer rail there and the total used rail weight is 600 thousand tons. The export of KARDEMİR there is over 60 thousand tons. KARDEMİR's rail is a rail above world standards. The director of the Australian State Railways procurement came here and wants to expand the list of suppliers. If the port issue is resolved, all of this will work. Karabük and the region should focus on here. The country's interest is also in this direction. We are instrumental in KARDEMİR ”.
General Manager Mesut Uğur Yılmaz also added that as KARDEMİR, 38 million 500 thousand dollar investment plans are planned for Environmental Investment and they will start to collect the related price.

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