Çayırova Traffic Education Park Shaping

In Kocaeli, the investment mobilization that Çayrova Mayor Şevki Demirci left behind 4,5 year is progressing rapidly with new projects. Demirci, who fits more than 70 projects in the time it left behind and offers many investments to the use of Çayırova residents, keeps the job tight to finish and put into service as soon as possible in the traffic education park, one of the 2018 projects.

Demirci, Follow the Projects Closely

Mayor Şevki Demirci, who completed the major investments in order to make Çayırova a modern and livable city identity, is closely following the new projects that are progressing rapidly. Demirci, who is at the beginning of the investments at every opportunity and has not neglected to be intertwined with the public, evaluated the traffic education park project on the spot. Mayor Demirci, who gave the necessary instructions to speed up the ongoing construction works, shared the details of the project.

7 A Equipped Facility in Thousand Square Meters

Traffic education in the park with children who want to instill traffic consciousness Demirci said, the project is progressing rapidly Akse Mahallesi'nde. In the project they started in order to create a conscious generation, Demirci said that they are considering a lot of details; 7 meter bike track, 350 meter driving trail, 800 m400 traffic training building, 2 m120 children's playground, 2 m180 amp, 2 meter and 2500 m2 will create a green field. When completed, Demirci also stated that he will be in the training areas such as pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signalized intersection, uncontrolled junction, roundabout, level crossing, tunnel, cross road, bus stops, underpass, overpass, hospital, fire brigade and school crossings. He also stated that the works were intensified in order to complete the project in a short time.

Demirci, “Erişler Location, District Square and Waterfall Park will add vitality”

After examining the work of traffic education park in the area of ​​Erisler district Square and the ongoing excavation work for waterfall Park evaluating Demirci, increased the number of neighborhood squares, while increasing the number of new living areas, he said. Demirci stated that they attach importance to social areas in their neighborhood squares and said that Erisler locality, which is the intersection point of Freedom and Inonu Neighborhoods, would be more lively and dynamic with this project. Emphasizing that they think about every detail in the project that will come to the fore with the waterfall Demirci, cafeteria, sports and children's playgrounds, walkways, recreation and activity areas, such as a lot of equipment will be offered at a single point, he said.

Demirci, Çalış We are working for an ideal city of life ”

Mayor Şevki Demirci stated that they completed many jobs from education to health, art to sports, environment to green, cultural and social investments in 4,5 year and changed the face of Çayırova with the projects that surpassed 70. Stating that they are working day and night for the future of Çayırova, Demirci stressed that they are leading the district to gain a modern city identity with huge investments. Demirci also stated that they put dozens of projects at the service of the people and they were proud of it. “While our struggle for a livable Çayırova continued at full speed, we accelerated our new projects that we started this year. We have implemented our plans that we have made in a correct and systematic way every year on a regular basis and presented many projects to the public. Our Çayırova, which changes and develops with our investments in every field continues to gain innovations. We took new steps in 2018, where half of it was left behind. 2018 started in the year 2017 giant of our biggest work in Kocaeli, Professor. Dr. We completed the Necmettin Erbakan Cultural Center, Naim Süleymanoğlu Cultural Center and Kent Park Project. Shortly after, we will launch this 3 work. Again, we built modern district mansions in our district. We have opened our closed neighborhood markets. We contributed to social life with our neighborhood squares. We have ensured that our people receive the best and quality service with our social facilities. As in every field, we have made great progress in environmental investments. Since the day we have taken office, we have done important works in both superstructure and superstructure. We brought prestige to our streets. We have completed important services worthy of our district in the most efficient and timely manner. In short, we have worked hard to make Çayırova a strong city and we will continue to do so. ”

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