EU Ambassador Berger: Tram Service in Gaziantep Made Me Happy

The European Union (EU) to improve public health by the Parliament as well as mobility, work to influence and improve the urban living space in urban transport in the execution of the European Mobility Week, President of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Christian Berger a met. The two decided to jointly promote alternative public transport and to work together to increase diversity.

This year, the call for action of the European Mobility Week, which is celebrated every year since the 2002-16 September in the world, became the slogan of her Diversify and Continue Dün. President Fatma Şahin and EU Delegation President Berger made a joint press statement.


Mayor Şahin stated that they have prepared the master plan of development and transportation together with the Metropolitan Municipality and they have put into practice the plans to provide alternative traffic flow by expanding the public transport network with great courage.

Sahin stated that a number of troubles in urbanization after migration, said: boz We looked for the answer to the question of what kind of a city you want forward without disturbing the social touch of the city. It turned out that the city needed serious bicycle paths, and we had to make serious and radical decisions for the construction of bicycle lanes. As a brother who visited the EU countries, I saw how the bicycle paths were effective and I witnessed one to one. We then switched to the intelligent transportation system that connects the public transport system to the bicycle path system. We built the 50 kilometer bike path in the city center, and established terminals for the university line, prepared the technological infrastructure to strengthen the line here, and put it into the service of our people. Şehir

Social and cultural team working on a study on obesity reminding the President Sahin, the quality of life in the capital of the gastronomy should be changed, "fatness is a regret" message emitted the community, more sports, more green space, to put more efforts to open space reported.


The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Christian Berger, in its place among 51 participating countries in the world Turkey, restricting motorized traffic in city centers, sustainable promotion of the use of mobility species and individuals is widely preferred by organizing various activities in order to create awareness regarding the environmental impact, he said.

Im We need transportation in economic growth, but transportation also has a negative impact on people and their lives. the existence of both an economic cost of traffic congestion in the EU and we know that there are metropolitan in Turkey. Therefore, we will focus on alternative transport methods in European Mobility Week. We don't have to do what you want to do in life. All right, we can take the subway, bus, subway. This year's call for joint action by the European Mobility Week was 'diversify and continue'. 20 cities in Turkey will be a part of this action. This Sunday in Brussels will be closed to vehicle traffic. In Turkey, some roads will be closed to traffic in some cities. I grew up in a city with a tram, so it really makes me happy to have a tram service in Gaziantep. Ben

After the speeches, the public transportation vehicle at the end of the most commonly used Ismail Durmuş citizens were given a bicycle gift.

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin, Head of EU Delegation Ambassador Christian Berger and his entourage participated in the opening of the Pistachio Museum.

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