President Şahin: N We are ready to target Samsun 2023 Şahin

Mayor Zihni Sahin, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 3 May 2018 since the date of the visionary municipalism, to be intertwined with the public, the common mind and 'We, Samsun as a large family' works with the understanding. President Zihni Sahin first revealed the problems of Samsun then quickly began to work for solutions.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin from the first day of the ”Common Mind iyle is expressed as” We are Ready Target Samsun 2023 Hazır ”Together we will” ti We'll walk together with love Şahin showed that the words are not empty. President Zihni Sahin, Samsun and the districts of many important projects were initiated for the preparation of the project.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor mind Sahin, Turkey's domestic industry by giving importance to national defense and national companies Samsun Yurt visited the Defense Industry and Trade AŞ. He received information from Hayrullah Zafer Aral, Chairman of the Board of Directors, about the company's activities. Mayor Şahin continued his district visits in Alaçam district, examined the bridge works in the district together with Alaçam Mayor Hadi Uyar. On the occasion of the 30 August Victory Day, he distributed more than 30 thousand Turkish flags in Samsun center and districts. He participated in the August 30 Victory Day ceremonies. Within the scope of the "Embracing the Future" project, to which President Şahin gave all kinds of support, he accepted young swimmers and their teachers and joined them. sohbet did. Archery Federation President Abdullah Topaloğlu and his delegation hosted the Archery World Cup Finals to be held in our city on September 28-29. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and he talked about the feasibility studies of the high speed train project with his accompanying people. Our last martyr in Samsun, J.Uzm. From the arrival of Corporal Adem Güven to Samsun, he did not leave his family for a moment until he was sent to eternity with the prayers of the tens of thousands. Tekkeköy Turkey's mobile technology brand that has produced a new generation of technology visited the Reed Factory. He participated in the opening of Zübeyde Hanım Mansion, which was opened in Tekkeköy district. He was in the programs together with Tekkeköy Mayor Hasan Togar. He met with citizens in Fatih District. It took the first step to solve the urban transformation problem that has been going on for years. Turkcell Platinum opened the Golf Challenge Samsun Tournament. Samsunspor provided transportation opportunities for tram fans. Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioğlu signed the Samsun Smart City Protocol between Huawei General Manager Li Shen and Metropolitan Municipality. The programs were attended by AK Party Deputy Group President Nihat Soğuk, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Turan Çakır, Deputy Secretary General Fikret Vatansever and Sefer Arlı.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin said in a statement. “Our goal is to prepare our city and districts, together with our political will and all of our Samsun, for the year 2023, which was targeted by our President and General President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As Samsun, we are one and together. Because together we are strong. Our 5 Mega projects are being prepared. These will completely renew our Samsun and increase employment. In addition, the preparations for more than 100 projects continue with our districts. In terms of agriculture and tourism, our Samsun will experience a great development. Our producers in agriculture kazanwill be doubled. We want to enrich our Samsun. Together with all our potentials, we will be locked in the 2023 target. Our understanding of social municipality will be diversified and we will not have people we cannot reach. We explained urban transformation and smart transportation systems. We have taken the first and important steps. We will solve the traffic problem of our Samsun with the Smart City systems, multi-storey car parks and other planned works, which we held the signing ceremony on Saturday. We will renew our Samsun with urban transformation. We will create public gardens in our districts. There will be no road problems in our districts and we will establish disabled children's playgrounds, smart parks and model streets in our districts. We will walk together with all our district mayors to our 2023 goal.” Said.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin said in a statement. “One of the most important problems of our Samsun is unemployment. We attach importance to production. We support national and domestic production 100%. We have declared that our target is more production, more investment, more employment. For this, we have started a mobilization for investors to come to our city from home and abroad. We support our investors in our city. Together, our goal is to bring 100 investors to our city in the XNUMXth year. kazanis to climb. In this way, we will provide employment opportunities for thousands of people. Our Samsun will be a national and local producing economic power.” Said

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