Security Services to Istanbul New Airport Continues

Istanbul New Airport will be responsible for the security, recruitment continues for Turkey's biggest airport security team.

IGA Security Inc. opened a contact office in Avcılar after Mecidiyeköy and accelerated its efforts to meet the demand. The 3 for 500 1000 Personality Security Team to work at IGA will be able to apply for 30 until September.

The interviews and trainings for the employment team that will ensure the security of the Istanbul New Airport, which will be the biggest airport under the single roof of the world, continue at full speed.

HDI Security Services Inc., to meet peak demand and largest airport in Turkey after Istanbul Mecidiyeköy office to establish the security team opened the hunters also contact the district office.

İGA Security Services Inc. to be a security officer under the roof; According to the law of 5188 to have a special security ID card to work and shift is coming.

In addition to these requirements, they will be able to apply for job applications from completed candidates, male and female candidates, career platforms and IGA liaison offices, which have completed their military service or have dictation with a proper and verbal communication ability, until September 30.

Candidates whose applications are approved are called for an oral interview at the first stage. Candidates who have passed the interview are receiving a comprehensive basic education at Hasan Kalyoncu University Training Center in accordance with international standards on Civil Aviation Security.

The candidates, who have successfully passed all the processes, start work at Atatürk Airport to complete on-the-job trainings and gain experience in airport security until the opening of Istanbul New Airport on 29 October 2018.

For the female and male security personnel who are recruited, they can be allocated free of charge and social space with maximum 4 lodgings.

3 500 2 6 XNUMX employees will work at the XNUMX floor, the security team working at Esenboğa XNUMX is expected to be a large size.

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