Police Team in Siirt Inspected Public Transport Vehicles

Siirt Municipality Police Directorate Inspection Teams, in these days when air temperatures above the seasonal norms are experienced, air conditioning control in public transportation vehicles operating in the city so that citizens can benefit from transportation services more conveniently and comfortably. [more…]


Transportation Control in Fethiye is Under Female Managers

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which added to the structure of 13 female driver in the positive means of discrimination against women and public transportation vehicles, has entrusted women to such units as public transportation, parking and transportation planning by doing discrimination in Fethiye. Male dominance [more…]


Buses to Kahramanmaraş Live Animal Market

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality is launching a bus service to the Livestock Exchange on a temporary basis for the citizens to make their sacrifice before the Sacrifice Day. Bus line to be operated temporarily by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş 13 August 2018 Monday [more…]

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