Before the Preparatory Match Samsunspor

Samsunspor'un, the preparation match with the new Orduspor awaited with a gospel of the Metropolitan Mayor Zihni ŞAHİN. Before the preparatory match expected to show great interest of the supporter of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Zihni ŞAHİN official web of Samulaş [more…]


TOPÇA Completed Crossroads

Fatih Pistil shared information about the ongoing works at TOPÇA Multi-Storey Intersection and said, “TOPÇA Multi-Storey Intersection, one of the 12 new transportation projects, is being completed rapidly. Within the scope of soil improvement works, 340 out of 300 bored piles in the project were placed. Blackwater [more…]


Towards the End in the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island

Mr. Toçoğlu, who has been working on the ongoing works at the Ayçiçeği Valley and Cycling Island, said, Ad The germination of the 80 acre is being completed. We're done with afforestation. Our cafeteria building, ornamental pool and children's play groups have come to an end. 10 meters of bicycle island [more…]

34 Istanbul

Channel Istanbul Where to do?

Kanal Istanbul route, announced in 2011 and known as the "crazy project" in the public, is curious by citizens. Here is the Kanal Istanbul route ... In January last year, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan held a press conference. [more…]


Today in History: 25 August 1922 Fourth Railway

Today in History 25 August 1922 The Fourth Railway Union started repairing the Shepherd's Station. Similar News: Today in History: 25 August 1922 The Fourth Railway Union of Shepherds Station ... Today in History: 25 August 1922 The Fourth Railway Union of Shepherds Station ... Today in History [more…]

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