09 Aydin

Gospel of the Kurban additional wagon Gospel

Before the 9 daily Sacrifice Day holiday, it was announced that additional wagons would be added to the flights in order to prevent the citizens from being victimized due to the excessive density in the İzmir (Basmane) -Söke-Denizli railway line. Thus, the seat capacity of Söke trains was increased from 136 to 204 by additional wagon. About the subject [more…]


Additional Solution to Bayram Density from MOTAŞ

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services The General Directorate of MOTAŞ took a number of measures due to the upcoming Eid al-Adha. Additional measures will be organized in the regions where there is intensity within the framework of the measures. The statement made by the General Directorate of MOTAŞ on the subject, the density of [more…]

49 Germany

InnoTrans 2018, 18-21 September

InnoTrans 2018, International Railway Technology Systems and Tools Fair, will be held in 18-21 September in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans 2018 innovations in railway technology, infrastructure, tunnel construction and passenger transport and the end points of companies [more…]


No Tram, But That Sign Is That Way

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the tram to the tram stop before the arrival of a tram was placed. The overturned signpost is waiting to be lifted for days The route of the tram in the city center will be extended by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The Alikahya region also [more…]


No Crossover Service in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has been trying to increase the welfare level of its citizens with the practices it has implemented, has carried out inspections in service vehicles within the scope of J plate application, which has been started to be implemented in recent years and aimed to prevent illegal transportation. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the province [more…]