Altınordu Intercity Bus Terminal Works in Progress

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality works in the Intercity Bus Terminal to be built in Altınordu district. Mayor Yilmaz said, ı Within the scope of the project, the city's traffic density will be reduced and the collection of district vans under a single roof to complete the work is completed in the rate of 70, “he said. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sponsors of the Future Logistics Summit Began To Be Determined

The sponsors of the Future Logistics Summit, which will be organized by the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, UTIKAD, on September 19, 2018, began to be determined. Trans.Eu, the international freight platform, became the "MAIN SPONSOR" of the Future Logistics Summit. The giant of the logistics industry [more…]


National Fortune Burned, Rotting, Nobody Hope ..!

The historical wagons, which were restored by the Kocaeli Special Provincial Administration and served as a restaurant for years, burned in the idle area where they were taken at the SEKA Paper Factory. The wagons that burned in the fire that broke out 2 years ago look like they were. National wealth is rotting, [more…]

16 Bursa

Visitors Influx to Bursa Uludağ in Bayram

Bursa, Turkey and the important nature and winter tourism centers, which suffered from the influx of visitors in Uludag holidays. Visitors who take the opportunity to extend the Eid al-Adha holiday to 9 days, have a picnic in Çobankaya area of ​​Uludağ at an altitude of 800 meters. [more…]

07 Antalya

Tünektepe Teleferik has flown visitors in the holiday

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Konyaalti Beach Project, Sarısu and Topçam promenade areas and Tünektepe Teleferik Facility 9 broke the visitor record during the daily holiday. Konyaalti Beach, which turned into the most beautiful beach in the world, hosted hundreds of thousands. 120 thousand people from Sarisu, [more…]


RayHaber 28.08.2018 Tender Bulletin

Survey Project Service for Ankara-Bursa High Speed ​​Line and OIZ Connections will be taken. ESHOT General Directorate Temporary Waste Storage Areas will be made Electrical Works will be made Piston will be purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ) Maintenance and Repair of Fire Warning and Warning Detection Systems [more…]

turhan railroaders overlooking bayramlasti
06 Ankara

Minister Turhan Celebrated Railroaders' Feast

Minister Turhan Celebrates Railroads 'Feast: Transport and Infrastructure Minister M.Cahit Turhan 27 August 2018 On Monday, he visited TCDD General Directorate and congratulated railroaders' holiday. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, Deputy Ministers Contact Omer directly [more…]


Today in History: 28 August 2003 Minister of Transport

Today in History 28 August 2003 Under the leadership of the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, the "Goal Management and Change Mobilization" was launched. August 28, 2009 under the direction of Pakistan and Turkey for the first time Minister of Transport established "Turkey-Pakistan Container Block Train", 6 thousand [more…]

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