Road to Nizip

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is making a new road to Nizip district as a freeway. 400 thousand 2 meters long 500 meters wide road, which will connect the old road to Nizip to the D-35 highway, is the vision of the district. [more…]


Samsun Works for Local Tram Again

Domestic Panorama trams purchased by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and produced in our country started to serve in Samsun for the first time in 2015. 19 May University campus is being built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


Traffic Signs Renewed in Erzincan

Erzincan Municipality Police Department teams added traffic information signs to the 26 junction, indicating the institutions and organizations for both citizens and domestic and foreign tourists and the direction of the touristic areas of Erzincan. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Access to the Coast was Flooded

Republican People's Party Deputy Zonguldak Deniz Yavuzyilmaz, Tersane Beach and OrtaKapuz'a continues to work on the removal of the overpass facilitating access. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) crews removed the absence of citizens overpass [more…]

86 China

Hong Kong Metro and Microbiome

Public transportation is one of the major problems of employees and employees in big cities. Especially in Istanbul, where access to public transport and getting on and off is a separate art, especially during starting and leaving hours. [more…]

34 Istanbul

“Death Hazard İstanbul at Istanbul New Airport

At the third airport in Istanbul, the tunnels where chemical cables were laid were closed and signs with the words "Dying Danger" were hung at the tunnel entrances. The poisoning case that occurred two days ago at the 29rd airport, which is stated to be opened on October 3, [more…]


Transportation Barriers Are Removing in Gaziantep

Gaziulaş, which carries out the public transportation management of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, successfully passed the test of the new disabled compatible Mobile Application and the information systems of the vehicles within the scope of the Gaziantep Card Project, which it has designed with the aim of barrier-free transportation. With disabled passengers [more…]


Bidding in Sapanca Cable Car Project

The tender for the Sapanca Cable Car Project, which is the first in Sakarya, was held. A new impetus to Sapanca tourism kazanThe project, which will be completed, is planned to be completed in 18 months. Tender Commission Chairman Sapanca Mayor [more…]