16 Bursa

From President Aktaş to the Students

President Aktaş keeps his word, the button for the second reduction in transportation and water prices has been pressed. Today, the economy is much talked about, the second of the previously promised discount decision in public transportation services in Bursa is taken tomorrow. Yesterday Science and [more…]

nemrut mountain cable car
02 Adiyaman

Cable Car to Mount Nemrut

Adiyaman AK Party deputy Muhammed Fatih Toprak, Kahta Municipality treatment facilities held at the meeting, giving information about the new projects related to Adiyaman tourism, Nemrut Mountain with the cable car to be held in Adiyaman tourism sector [more…]


Eyüpsultan Jumps in Age

Eyüpsultan; Istanbul is a center of attraction with its spiritual atmosphere, historical and geographical beauty. After the conquest of Istanbul, it was the first settlement center established outside the city walls. [more…]


Akçaray, 7 Day 24 Under Hour Surveillance

It was put into service by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Akçaray is operated by thousands of passengers every day. Metropolitan Municipality, citizens showed interest in the security measures to prevent the occurrence of grievances in Akçaray [more…]