Altınordu Intercity Bus Terminal Works in Progress

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality works in the Intercity Bus Terminal to be built in Altınordu district. Mayor Yilmaz said, ı Within the scope of the project, the city's traffic density will be reduced and the collection of district vans under a single roof to complete the work is completed in the rate of 70, “he said.


The new terminal built on the 22 bin m2 area in the region where the TOKI and Memurkent residences in the Altınordu district is located in the Eskipazar location, and an important project that the city needs for many years will be realized. President Enver Yılmaz said, ın With the new bus terminal project, which will find 25 million TL While reducing the daily traffic density of the city, we will also bring a modern structure to our city in intercity transportation. kent


Altinordu district of the old bus station serving in a restricted area of ​​today's needs can not meet the needs of the construction of the new bus station continues to work rapidly. Stating that the studies have been completed at the rate of 70 percent, the President Yılmaz said, land The works in Altınordu Intercity Bus Terminal Project are progressing rapidly. Within the scope of the works, transformer building, entrance kennel reinforced concrete production was completed and soil compaction was done in the landscaping. The steel fabrications, which are the basis of the building, and the construction of the surrounding wall and aluminum façade continue. The project has been completed by 70. Proje


The project, which is built on a total area of ​​22 bin m2, will provide the collection of district minibuses providing the daily transportation needs of the city under a single roof. 3 xNUMX pcs parking lot in the project, consisting of 177 m2lik terminal building, 8 pieces bus parking area (long distance), 28 parking space, 67 parking lot, 16 parking lot, 90 parking lot, 54 parking lot parking lot , 28 pcs peron, 20 pc firm room to be found.

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