Karamursel Traffic will be Relaxed with Dalcik Intersection

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality works to make the transportation flowing on the intercity roads where traffic flow is intense. These roads, which pass through the district centers, are intensified from time to time due to traffic lights. Metropolitan Municipality is building new intersections to eliminate this density. One of them, Karamürsel city square tunnel crossing junction project will make traffic in the district center flowing and will provide convenience in the exits.

Karamürsel City Square, tunnel-crossing project is being implemented. Bored pile applications are ongoing in the ongoing project. Drinking water, rain water and wastewater lines are produced in the project. With the 290 meter closed part, D-130 will combine the two sides of the Karamursel district center with the project district.

The branch at the Karamursel Town Square is carried out on the D-130 highway. There will be a closed section of 19 meters of tunnel crossing junction which will have 290 meter width. The project is implemented as 2 cross 2 lane branched intersection. The project will be rearranged with a thousand 130 meters of the D-710 highway.

Within the scope of the project, while 17 thousand 470 cubic meters of various concrete and 5 thousand 650 tons of iron are used, the floor is piled with 18 bin 250 meters. In the project, the main layer of 28 bin 500 tone asphalt, 21 bin 700 tone asphalt, 52 bin 500 square stone mastic will be laid. At the intersection 4 bin 750 flooring parquet, 6 bin 500 meter border will be used. In the study 3 bin 110 meter drainage, 2 bin 450 meter sewage and 2 bin 640 meter drinking water line being made.

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