Tünektepe Teleferik has flown visitors in the holiday

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Konyaalti Beach Project, Sarısu and Topçam promenade areas and Tünektepe Teleferik Facility 9 broke the visitor record during the daily holiday. Konyaalti Beach, which turned into the most beautiful beach in the world, hosted hundreds of thousands. 120 thousand people from Sarısu and 25 thousand people from Topçam. 29 thousand people went to Tünektepe with the cable car, enjoyed the summit.

Konyaalti Beach Project, with its new name, Antalya Antalya Park, flocked to the citizens of Antalya and came to visit the city. The project, which is very well suited to the world city of Antalya, became a favorite of both Antalyaites and holidaymakers during the 9 day festival holiday. The citizens of the coast are full of people filling the feast, enjoying the feast of the most beautiful beach in the world.

Full note from vacationers
The coastal project, which became a center of attraction, received full marks from holidaymakers. A public holiday to Turkey in Antalya pass over the citizens, to the coast project "has been spectacular," he said. The Konyaalti Beach Project, which serves the people of Antalya and tourism as a public project, has been the meeting point of the renewed face with its lush image, sports fields, habitats, bicycle paths, colorful landscapes, sightseeing areas and walking paths.

While the citizens were walking along the coast and enjoying the unique view of Antalya and the Mediterranean, the children spent hours in the game pool, which was specially designed for the park areas and for themselves. Young people skate on the skate rink and sports fields, while some of the citizens cycled the coast of the bike. The Tartan running track also welcomed the people who did not give up the sports. Some of the citizens sewed the umbrella, took advantage of the beach by spreading his towel, some of whom rented a deck chair and enjoyed the sea. In the Park Park, where the meeting of the Green and Blue was the best, the citizens lived on the grass and enjoyed the pleasure of swimming.

Enjoy the holiday
Tünektepe Cable Car and Social Facility, which cut the foot of the people of Antalya, was flown to visitors at the Feast of Sacrifice. Tünektepe hosted thousands of local and foreign visitors. Apart from the citizens of Antalya, as well as the unique view of the city from the Tünektepe'den watched. During the Feast of Sacrifice, the facility hosted the 28 bin 596. Citizens, the magnificent view of Teleferik Café, food and beverage needs from the rich menu was met at affordable prices.

Sarısu and Topçam are full and overflowed
Metropolitan Municipality company ANET A.Ş. Sarısu and Topçam promenade areas, which are operated by the city, were also filled with holidays. Sarısu Recreation Area, 120 thousand visitors throughout the holiday was a record. Topçam Recreation area 25 thousand people served. Citizens have enjoyed a picnic and barbecue.

Enter the address: Zıp Zıp Park
Turkey's largest indoor theme park pogo pogo Park, was the favorite holiday of the feast of children. The children who took the festive pocket money ran to Zıp Zıp Park for fun. In the park, which has the second biggest trampoline in Europe, children had a lot of fun and had adrenaline-filled moments. During the holiday, Zıp Zıp Park hosted 5 thousand children and 10 thousand parents.

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