Direct Flights to Izmir Prevent Commitments Given to the 3rd Airport

showing that the stepchild treatment of Izmir in direct flights to Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) Deputy Chairman Mehmet Affairs, for their third given to airports commitments made in Istanbul by Turkish Airlines (THY) said that prevented Izmir direct flights put. Uçuş Is Izmir paying the price for Istanbul? Ler said Jobs, important airlines to Izmir to more direct flights to Izmir called.

Air Arabia Airlines launched flights from Izmir to Sharjah city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in early July. With the flights launched, a direct and Sharjah connection was provided to many cities in the UAE flight network from Adnan Menderes Airport. It is stated that the Izmir-Sharjah flights, which are held three days a week, will continue throughout the year.

According to the news of, TÜROFED Vice President and President of the Aegean Touristic Enterprises and Accommodation Association (ETİK) Mehmet İşler said that they care about the direct flights launched by Air Arabia and find it valuable. Explaining that they always advocate that there should be direct flights to İzmir and that they have expressed on every platform, İşler said, “Air Arabia heard our voice and took a positive approach. He started direct flights to Izmir after Trabzon, Bodrum, Antalya and Istanbul. ”

Air France flights, which started with a percentage of 10 fullness, reached to the fullness of 50. Izmir tourism, economy is important for direct flights, Turkish Airlines, Izmir, which should be evaluated as a hub Jobs, said:

“THY supports Istanbul by declaring hubs for Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk airports, and supports the hospitality industry with stopover application on long connecting flights. But Izmir is still treated as a stepchild. We say that Turkish Airlines should definitely take Izmir on its agenda for direct flights. Commitments made to the third airport in Istanbul prevent direct flights to Izmir. We would like to ask, does Izmir pay the price of Istanbul? ”

Underlining that İzmir is an important tourism city with its climate, nature, history, culture, gastronomy and most importantly lifestyle, TÜROFED Vice President and ETİK President Mehmet İşler said 'İzmir cannot get the share it deserves from its tourism, tourism İklim. Jobs that have significant potential in terms of tourism diversity, Izmir defended that the recognition of the Jobs, 'To introduce the presentation of Izmir should pass the introduction attacks. More publicity means more tourists. Yes, a number of studies are being done, but these are not enough. Evet

Emphasizing that İzmir should be introduced more with strategic planning, Mehmet İşler added that other important airways should put more direct flights to İzmir.

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