Aziz Kocaoglu: We will implement the projects we know correctly without compromise

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that although they have been in the local elections for 3 years, they are facing a policy of propaganda and attrition in the press and social media as if they will be the election tomorrow. Kocaoğlu said, “We will not be affected by any of them. We will implement projects that we know correctly, believe in as true, and carry out the science and science as a guide, without compromise. ”
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu feasted with municipal staff in the Assembly Hall. In his speech Kocaoglu, he condemned the terrorist events taking place in Turkey. Emphasizing the need to curse terror as a single body in unity and solidarity, Kocaoğlu said that if this is achieved, it will only be saved from terrorism.
Mayor Kocaoğlu said that with the successful work of the municipal works, they have made great progress in the understanding of local government within 12 years and maintained an extraordinary success and infrastructure service. Stating that there was only one hotel in the city during the UNIVESIAD games in 2005, Kocaoğlu said, “When you remember the Izmir and its economic structure of that day, we see that we went a lot more. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality became the 2nd fastest growing city in the world. It grew up on Turkey's average growth. Everyone's bite has grown a little more. Isn't it enough? But he dusted the dust over İzmir. ”
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Stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality does not only provide success with municipal services, Kocaoğlu said that the products of local development strategy have started to be purchased one by one. Kocaoğlu continued as follows:
"Today, the local director of Izmir, was an example to Turkey. The countryside of off-road, agricultural support to, the increase exponentially green areas, sewage infrastructure, to use water purification in making investments in Turkey's floor and the floor upset melt, the gulf in passenger-carrying ferries, renovation of the bus managed to many businesses. We increased our rail system network from 11 kilometers to 130 kilometers. Also, it is trying to be completed with 120 kilometers of construction and project. In other words, we continue the vision and investment to carry the 11 kilometer rail system to 250 kilometers. ”
Stating that they have made significant improvements in the permits and EIA process in the Büyük Körfez Project, Kocaoğlu said that they have taken important steps in the EIA process of the Solid Waste Disposal Facility, which the court has stopped executing. Kocaoğlu said, “We have done Fair İzmir, which no municipality has realized alone, with our own resources. We have contributed to the growth of the fair, tourism and service sector. ”
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu also responded to criticism of the municipality. Kocaoglu said:
“As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our works by protecting the money of the municipality, the public, and the people of Izmir, from our own money, without leaving the honesty, regardless of who says whatever, whatever propaganda they do. Local elections are close to 12 years. But when you watch the media on social media, you see that a propaganda and attrition campaign continues as if it was going to be the election tomorrow. We will not be affected by any of these together. We will implement the projects that we believe are true, we believe that we are right, and that we realize by taking the mind and science as a guide. ”

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