İZBAN line will be delivered to 187

İZBAN line will be reached to 187 kilometers: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said that the İZBAN line will be reached to the 187 kilometer and will become the longest rail public transportation system in the world.
TCDD General Directorate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality jointly carried out by Turkey, the largest urban public transport project "Izmir Commuter System" in the 30-kilometer extra line opening that extends up to bagged district was held a ceremony.
In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, upon the chanting of various slogans by the AK Party and CHP members, said, “Beautiful Izmirians, save your energy for the elections. We just got out of the election. Don't waste all your energy right now. There will be an election before us again, there will be such a sweet competition again. Now the selection is over, let's look at the services. "We say we will tell you the election time, and you make your decisions," he said.
"Time in Selçuk and Bergama"
Pointing out that İZBAN has carried 2010 million passengers since 330, 4 times more of the city with a population of 80 million has been moved, Yıldırım said, “What a nice service, isn't it? This doesn't stay here. This exemplary collaboration continues from Torbalı to Selçuk. We will open Selçuk in a year. The projects of Bergama are finished and I hope that if nothing goes wrong this year, we will connect Bergama as well ”.
Yildirim said that the IZBAN line will reach the 187 kilometer and it will become the longest rail public transportation system in the world.
"The place of Izmir is to compete with Istanbul"
Yıldırım said, “İzmir's place is to compete with Istanbul. 35 İzmir, 34 İstanbul. "In order to make Izmir compete with Istanbul, we will join forces with the local administration and central government, we will work together and we will take Izmir, which witnessed the establishment of the Republic, to the highest points."
TCDD Director General gave instructions
Yildirim, İZBAN system to increase the intervals of the signal system to solve the problems of the General Director of the Railway instructed, 2 months in the project will be solved the troubles.
5 moved 331 million passengers per year
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu the first project carried out in partnership with the 50 percent of the public institutions with local governments in Turkey that the İZBAN, hand in hand and ignoring the differences of the badge in the lapel reported what has been done could be shown here.
Kocaoglu, with a thousand people in the day 300 with İZBAN that the use of 550 thousand passengers a day, stressed that.
İZBAN 2015 87 5 million passengers carrying expressing, 331 XNUMX million people moved over the years, he said.

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