34 Istanbul

Üsküdar-Sultanbeyli metro tender will be held on 5 August

Üsküdar-Sultanbeyli metro tender will be held on August 5: The tender for the construction work of the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli metro is planned to be held on August 5. With the Üsküdar-Sultanbeyli metro project announced in October 2015, uninterrupted transportation will be provided from Üsküdar to Çekmeköy and Sultanbeyli. [more…]

35 Izmir

Kubilay also met with the Gulf

Kubilay also met with Körfez: After 15 of the 11 cruise ships purchased by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to strengthen sea transportation, came into service, the third of the passenger passenger ships came to the city. Ahmet Piriştina and [more…]


TransportationPark expands Card Filling Devices

TransportationPark Expands Card Filling Devices: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. is increasing the number of Kent Card Filling Devices in order to speed up transportation. In this context, following the various points in Izmit, the city in Gebze, Darica and Cayirova. [more…]

35 Izmir

Deadlock Solved in Alsancak

My Knot in Alsancak Has Been Solved: The road widening work carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality between Vahap Özaltay Square and Alsancak Station gave a breath of fresh air to the traffic. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, between Vahap Özaltay Square and Alsancak Train Station. [more…]


Comfortable passage to Samsun Rail System

Comfortable passage to Samsun Rail System: Pressed concrete work on Türkiş Level Crossing, Samsun Light Rail System route, was completed in 3 days and the passage was opened to traffic. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs and SASKİ [more…]

39 Italy

Iran and Italy to co-operate on railways

Iran and Italy will cooperate on railways: Iran's Minister of Transport and Housing, Abbas Ahundi, in his meeting with Italian infrastructure minister Graziana Delrio in Rome yesterday, said that there are two sides with Italy on high-speed trains. [more…]

06 Ankara

First demolition for Başkentray on Hacettepe Bridge

First demolition for Başkentray to Hacettepe Bridge: Within the scope of Başkentray works, the demolition of railway bridges in Sıhhiye, Cebeci and Mamak is starting today. The bridge in front of Hacettepe University will be demolished today. Sıhhiye railway bridge on Atatürk Boulevard [more…]

30 Greece

The greek railway company of Italians

Greek railway company Italians: The sale of the Greek state railways passenger and cargo transport company TRAINOSE to the Italian state railway company Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane for 45 million euros has been approved. Greece responsible for the privatization of the country [more…]

77 Yalova

Here are the facts of Osmangazi Bridge

Here are the facts of Osmangazi Bridge: The fairy tale hero Deli Dumrul, who took 5 coins from the bridge he built to the Susuz creek, and 10 coins from the ones that did not pass, came true… Discussions about the tolls of the Osmangazi Bridge, which was opened on July 1, [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursaray's wagons shortened fish hoard journey started

Bursaray's wagons have shortened and the journey has begun: The citizens of Bursa, who complain that the air conditioners in the municipality and private public buses are insufficient and that they are never turned on, do not use public transportation services in the African heat that is above the seasonal norms. [more…]

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34 Istanbul

Ya Channel or Istanbul

Either the channel or Istanbul: CHP Istanbul Deputy Gülay Yedekci said, “In Istanbul, we oppose projects that are not based on science, science or reason. CHP Istanbul Deputy Gülay Yedekci said, “I am against projects that are not based on science, science and reason in Istanbul. [more…]