Trams in Izmit

In Izmit, the tram was ordeal: We received the opinion of the citizen about the tram, which is thought to have increased the traffic problem of İzmit. Many people believe that the tram is not necessary, even if they believe that the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 'will-do-not' discussions between [more…]


Tram to Samsun is heavy

Tram to Samsun heavily escaped: Chamber of Architects Samsun Branch President Ishak Memişoğlu, Samsun, the hike of the citizen of the trolley will be forced to express the expression, ı Samsun to tram trolley heavy because the cost is very high. The citizen also has no reaction about the raise Zam [more…]

52 Army

The confluence of the cable car in Ordu

In Ordu, there is the confluence of the ski lifts: the hundreds of meters on the coastal road in Ordu lead to the surprise of the passers-by. Right next to the city center, hundreds of people in front of the cable car station [more…]


Minibus dropped to tram stop

Minibus plunged into a tram stop: 1 was injured when a minibus drove into a tram stop in Eskişehir. According to information received, the minibus used by RD in Gültepe neighborhood, the driver lost control of the steering wheel hit the tram stop. At the tram stop [more…]