Akçaray's power line is being pulled

Akçaray's power line is being towed: Energy line works have been initiated within the scope of the Akçaray Tramway Project, which will introduce the city to the rail transport of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. In a written statement from the municipality, Akçaray [more…]

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Tramway crash in Moda

Tram accident in Moda:Kadıköy The vehicle, which quickly came out of the street in Moda, hit the tram. While there was no dead or injured in the incident, the attention of the vat prevented the disaster. KadıköyOn the fashion tram line [more…]

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Train cut the TIR (Video)

The train mowed the TIR like this: In Hungary, the TIR, which entered the level crossing uncontrollably, hit the freight train. While the truck was torn apart in a disastrous accident, a fire broke out. Driver at the scene [more…]

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Construction of Mega projects in progress

The construction of mega projects continues: Despite the decision of OHAL, the construction of mega projects continues at full speed. Turkey also indicated the emergency rule will be applied in the investment rate. President of Tayyip Erdogan [more…]