Intercity Railways

Domestic solution to railway safety

Domestic solution to railway safety: Turkish engineers have developed a new system that detects cracks and cracks on the rail by means of vibration and patents. The system, which is planned to continue to be developed in cooperation with ASELSAN, [more…]

35 Izmir

Mordoğana ferry service launched

The ferry service to Mordoğan was launched: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality gave Mordoğanlılar the joy of double feast. After Foca, the ferry service to Mordoğan started and the first time interest was great. Karşıyaka and Konak to the “Dario Moreno” [more…]

osmangazi bruis is empty
77 Yalova

The Osmangazi Bridge

Osmangazi Bridge account was astonished: Osman Gazi Bridge, which was discussed with astronomical toll, could not reach the guaranteed figure although it was free during the feast. 87 thousand vehicles per day for the bridge to the government contractor company [more…]


Bayram Break On The Tram Road

Bayram break on the tram road: The tramway construction, the most important and troublesome issue on the Izmit agenda, stopped completely during the Bayram holiday. Construction of tramway, which is planned to be completed by February next year, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Feast holiday metrobus delights passengers

Feast of holiday metrobus passengers delighted: taxi drivers in Istanbul, 9 daily holiday holiday citizens were upset because of the evacuation of the city. The taxi drivers complaining about not being able to find customers are looking forward to the end of the holiday. The last days of the holiday [more…]

34 Istanbul

X-Ray Measure in Marmaras

X-Ray Measure in Marmaray: Istanbul Police increased security measures to the highest level after the terrorist attack at Ataturk Airport. After the attack, the police increased security measures in areas where people are busy. Received security [more…]

34 Istanbul

We can benefit from the experience of Panaman in Channel Istanbul

We can benefit from Panama's experience in Kanal Istanbul: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan said, gere In accordance with the agreement we signed, a cooperation platform will be established with the team that carries out the Panama Canal Expansion Project for the Kanal Istanbul project. Transportation, [more…]


Bars Street is having its last days

Bars Street is going through its last days: Bars, one of the most important centers of Izmit's social life, are now going through their last days. As you know, the tram project goes through all of it like a bulldozer. Demolitions came in a row and [more…]


World's Fastest 11 Train

The Fastest 11 Train in the World: In the last 30 world, the importance given to high speed train technologies has been increased in order to unite the growing cities in the world and to carry the growing population fast and high capacity. our country [more…]