Separate wagon for women on subway

A separate wagon for women on the subway from Gökçek: Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek asked the women in Ankara Metro whether they would like to try a separate wagon application. Yes, let's try those who say no, there is a big difference between those who do not try, while in a street interview near the subway in Ankara met the thoughts of the citizen.
Some of the citizens who have applied to their thoughts said that such a thing could happen and some of them should not be. Ahmet D. said the opinion of Melih Gokcek on this idea and said:
Saçma The separate wagon application for women sounds ridiculous. Man and woman are equal. No need to discriminate. I think there is equality in this country, I hope it will be. Ülk
Another citizen we consulted emphasized that it is necessary to ask women not to give men a separate wagon application on the subway, and that they should not be put into practice before their opinion is taken. An option might be the one who wants to be there. Ma Fatma G. said that he thought the practice was unnecessary and added:
, We live in a democratic country, can it be? It shouldn't be, there must be equality, I think it's unnecessary. As a result, everyone goes the same way. This practice encourages discrimination. Bu
Melih Gökçek on the streets of Ankara on the subway in the women's opinion about the proposal for the application of a separate wagon of the citizens can not be a definite idea, leaving the word to women is the right behavior is convinced. In Ankara metro, we will see separate wagons for women and we will see them in the following days.

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