Intercity Railways

Railway gospel

Good news about the contract in the railway: AK Party ├çorum Deputy and GNAT Administrative Officer Salim Uslu said that the Ankara-├çorum-Samsun high-speed train project will be divided into 3 parts from Delice to Samsun. [moreÔÇŽ]


Baby caring for trees on the tram route

Baby compassion for the trees on the tram route: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's Tram Project is progressing rapidly towards the city center. The contractor company still hasn't been able to leave Yahya Kaptan District, where it started construction; but Izmit [moreÔÇŽ]


Cappadocia Tourists from the Georgians

Harsh Criticism from Cappadocian Tourism Professionals to Deputy G├╝rer: "CHP Ni─čde Deputy ├ľmer Fethi, who stated that the Fairy Chimneys are in danger of collapse for the High Speed ÔÇőÔÇőÔÇőÔÇőTrain planned to be built between Antalya and Nev┼čehir [moreÔÇŽ]

34 Istanbul

Kabata┼č Seagull Project

Kabata┼č Mart─▒ Project: With the project change decision approved last May Kabata┼čA transfer center in the shape of a giant seagull flapping its wings will be built on the seaside protected area in . [moreÔÇŽ]